Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It must be global warming, or something.

The weather finally warmed up a bit, here in our neck o' the woods.

Then cooled way down. Then rained. And rained some more. It must be global warming or something.

But, then it got pretty hot for an entire week. So, we've been spending as much time as possible at the lake house, going on as many bike rides as we can fit in, petting as many dogs--belonging to strangers--as we can find, and enjoying our new boat.

During my short little computer sabatical--ok, not so short computer sabatical. Fine! Over a month long computer sabatical, geez--we've been training our young brood to take life by the tube handles, relax and enjoy the ride. And, so far so good.

Rest assured, we're still around, despite our attendance on this edge of the blogosphere.

And believe me, in a couple shorts months when that water back there:

...will have turned to ice, we have 6 foot snow drifts out our front door and fantasy football is in full swing, we'll be ready and rearin' to share our Pear Plum Crisp recipe, the pictures of what my bed looks like on laundry day, and what 2 year old twins look like when they shove half of a banana in their mouths.

You can't wait, I know.