Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what's so funny?

As these two took a little break from the splash pad that was set up in our front yard the other day, they exchanged jokes with punch lines that evidentally only 2 and 1 year olds get.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

faith that can move mountains

I've been wanting to put together a post about my new 6:10am events.

It was supposed to go something like, "Blame it on the ipod....bla bla bla, last week I whispered to my ipod, 'If you work tomorrow morning, I'll start running again,' bla bla."

And it did. It worked that next morning, and it has all 4 of the mornings that I've ran since. Dependable little buggar.

So, I've started running again. And I was going to write all about it. But, frankly, other things have been on my mind. And I find it hard to talk about mindless, futile things when there are vital events in need of my time. Time used for prayer.

A dear sweet friend and her unborn baby need prayer. You can read about the mountain they're climbing here.

And, despite the intensity of the situation, she is still standing strong in the God that is above all.

She is still praising the One who is responsible for speaking our universe into existence.

She is still passionately embracing Him through every turn of these events.

She still has faith that can move mountains.

In Psalms 139 there are verses that I read, reread, and doubly reread while we were climbing our own mountain with the twins. I find comfort in knowing this is the God that I praise. The same God that is above every mountain that each one of us often finds ourselves climbing.

Psalms 139:13-18
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body,
and knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.
You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion,
as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.
You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.
How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.
They cannot be numbered!
I can’t even count them;
they outnumber the grains of sand!
And when I wake up, you are still with me!

Please join with me in prayer.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

rockstar swimmer

The dude loves the water!

It started around 12 or 13 months when he would lay on his tummy in the bathtub and roll to his back...full submersion of face and all. Then as he grew older, it turned to spinning himself from tummy to back, sometimes 5 or 6 times in a row.

Thank goodness for that. It's still the only way the kids' bathroom floor gets cleaned.

But this, I've laughed more this summer from watching him and his gravity defying feats in the water than I have since the original Cosby show was airing. (Oh, Bill. You've added many years to my life through laugh therapy.)

He's some footage of our little backflipping boy flinging himself around in the little pool. I'm hoping to get some of him jumping in the big pool this next week. The lifeguard thinks he's a rockstar swimmer. Maybe we should send him to swim lessons.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Favorites Post-Plan B

Update: Because I find it extremely hard to post without a picture, I'm adding this one. Here are our Bathing Beauties -n- Beau.

As I was putting together my new favorite Bok Choy salad this afternoon, minutes before a.) Mr. Marvelous and Julia headed out the door and on to the cities to help auntie move b.) I, myself, loaded the 3 "littles" into the car to head to the store for swim diapers and then on to the CC to wade away a couple of hours before bedtime and c.) I indulged in it--the Bok Choy--I was thinking, "Mmmm, I love Bok Choy. I can't wait to eat you Bok Choy." And then I did.

Then, later, while driving the 2 miles it takes to get to the store, I glanced up at my rearview and caught a glimpse of my little boy sucking his thumb while gazing out the window and humming along to the children version of Big House. I was thinking, "Mmmm, I love that boy."

Then, even later, while I was transforming both our little girls from their daytime outfits into their swim diaper/bathing suit outfits in the CC parking lot, I was thinking, "Mmmm, I love bare, baby bottoms--and babies in bathing suits--and even more so...babies."

Are you catching the pattern here? BElieve me, there is one.

Random thoughts, right? From a mom who forgoed her role as teacher of 1st graders, and who now thinks of "b" words while caring for her 4 small children. I know. But since I think it would be down-right dreadful to leave out all my other "b" loves, here they are.

In no specific order.

With no specific reasoning for sharing them with you.

Just Because.

Bok choy, Boys, Babies, Bathing suits & pools, Beds from Tempurpedic, in Charles, the Bible..specifically the Psalms, Butter, Blogging, Big Saint Bernards that don't lick or jump on you, Bubble baths, Burgers...with pepperjack cheese, Berries, Being a mom to 4, Burnt marshmallows, Burnt bacon, Birds singing in the morning, Breakfast...especially pancakes/waffles/crepes, Body massages, Brothers, Black flip flops, Bora Bora...ok, I don't know if I love the place, but I'd be willing to try it out and see, Bean burritos from Taco red sauce, Basketball, Bags of Peanut Butter M&M's, and my "babes" in my husband...wearing the color green. Boy! Say those over and over, really fast.

So there you have it. Every single "b" love of mine.

Now, by no means am I asking you to share your "b" loves. And I realize that this barely even constitutes as a blogworthy topic, but--boy--would it be fun to be aware of them.

Ba-bye now! It's back to the kitchen for one more bowl of Bok Choy.

Oh, brother.

Monday, July 21, 2008

from the mouths of babes

"Hey! Juj! I love that picture you're coloring...especially the pink part."

"Yeeeea, it's for Kendall and Kylee's grandpa."

"Well honey...Kendall and Kylee's grandpa doesn't live here anymore, he's in heaven."

"Yea, I know. I'm going to take it to him."

"Oh. Ok. So, how are you going to get it there?"

"I'm going to take it with me when Jesus comes and gets me."

(me: smile. sigh.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

this little light of mine.

He loves his right thumb, he's the only boy. He's often found making his 3 sisters giggle. He has a joyful heart and is always singing or humming. He is very fond of tacos and never passes on seconds at the dinner table. He's a huge fan of books. He points out golf courses and Tiger Woods. He loves any kind of ball--especially basketballs. He's daddy's home improvement helper. He's a great sleeper, and he loves for us to "nuggle" in his "big boy bed" with him. He's a fanatical tub splasher. He's an impressive pool jumper--but insists on doing it all by himself. He blows on our owies to make them feel better. He's keen on roaring like a lion. He is wonderfully grateful and says "thank you" for the littlest things. He owns dimples and a bouncy, cackly laugh. He's a month away from 2 1/2. And it's plain.ridiculous how wild I am about this little guy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

she's got legs

I'm telling ya, I'm in love with my children's legs lately.

It's not abnormal for me to be addicted to one or two certain parts of my children's little frames for an extended amount of time. And it's pretty much a given that you'd seem me chewing, squeezing, or kissing my favorite for that moment. Some days it's their fingers, most days it's their ears, but lately...their legs.

It started a few nights ago while I was tucking Luke in with a bedtime book. Julia and I joined him atop his Charlie Brown Cowboy sheets--the sheets that used to pass back and forth between my two younger brothers' rooms, and have since been passed to little Lukers--reading Spot Bakes a Cake for the third night in a row. We were all laying on our backs, knees in the sit-up position, when I noticed how short and stout my little man's thighs were.

For stinkin' cute!!!

How is it that his thighs have gone unnoticed for so long? The last time I really remember taking a good long look at them was moments after his entrance into this world. Now here it is, 2 years later and they're still there. And sturdy as can be.

Then yesterday while we played in the front yard, I noticed these same stouty elements on Norah. Cute as cucumbers, those legs of hers. And, I'm sure she'd completely agree while she looks at photos like this one, 15 years from now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Redemption was Me

It seemed as though my children hadn't the least bit of recollection of our mildly miserable morning stroll after rising from today's afternoon naps. Regardless, in an effort to redeem my motherhood, I talked Mr. Marvelous into a trip to the CC for a late afternoon dip in the pool. Thank you water, kiddie pool, water, water, floaties, and big strong daddy. And, thank you cabana boy sweet waitress for saving our hungry tummies with your tray filled of satisfying cuisine. For sure, the pool was a much better idea today.

Snowsuiting Cyclists

Dearest Dozing 4under3,

I'm so sorry!

It will never happen again! At least, I'll try never to be so foolish.

I realize that it's 88 degrees out, with not a cloud in the sky and furthermore not the slightest whip of the wind. But a bike ride along the river sounded like a fabulously fun idea as it began forming in my mind while pouring your cereal this morning. I realize the air conditioning was definitely doing its job as we stood there munching on our bowls of Total, topped with freshly sliced strawberries. I know now that I should have sprinted around the house 17 times--in a snowsuit--to get a really good comparison for what a bike ride today would feel like. And so I apologize.

And don't think for one second that I didn't grasp how inconvienient our picnic was before even the start of our voyage. The reason I laid our blanket on that sloping terrain and continued in trying to feed 4 unstrapped, toppling children is because that tiny tree we were under gave us the only shaded area around. And, yes, I was aware of my overzealous effort in covering you all in sunscreen, but the possibility of it being sweat off in those first few sticky moments of walking from the car to the blanket, was very likely.

Thank you all for ignoring the sweat beads that continuely dripped in your faces, for being troopers and pedaling on in almost perfect understanding as I continually hollered up to "stay on our side...move over out for that biker."

And little girls! I recognized how uncomfortable it must have been for you two, being smooshed in the bike trailer, arms sticking to eachother. It was not the day for a reenactment of an afternoon in the womb.

Julia, you were a great leader. I have to say that watching your little defined calf muscles pump away on your bike was one of my favorite parts of our journey. And, Luke, you added joy to my heart. While you mostly played caboose, your beet red cheeks didn't keep you from singing your many different verses of The Wheels on the Bus to yourself while you rolled along.

So really, little troopers. Next time we'll talk pools, or sprinklers, or even a bucket of water to play with in the backyard. Not snowsuits and cycling. I promise.


Your overheated, perspiring Mama

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Start seeing motorcycles virtual friends more often!

(Hilary, Angela, Mck Mama, Rachel, Me, Kristi, and Yvette holding Cosette) *

As our husbands ripped around on the Wave Runners behind us, and our children danced under the sprinklers together--in true fashion--here we stand. Bloggy friends turned real life. And to think, these ladies are even more adorably precious than what my brain created of them virtually. Thanks to Mck Mama for hosting a fabulous summer jamboree, we ate from a tantalizing spread of foods, drank from a fridge full of beverages, and carried on very real and merry conversations together.

Here's a toast to next years 2nd annual Summer Bash.


*If you'd like to read more about the big day, click over to get someone else's vantage point.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Does my lack in blogging make my butt look big?

You may find this humerous, but I'm not much of a multi-tasker. Meaning--if we've been running around like crazy and my hard focused energy gets used on other things, I'm pretty much useless when it comes to scribbling words down to publish in posts. And with everything going on lately that makes us multi-seasoners look forward to summer, I've been tasking toward these things instead:

Recoup from the little girls' first party.
Pack for our 4th of July getaway to the lake with friends and family.
Swim, boat, swim, eat, swim, tube, ski, swim at the lake.
Take part in a church potluck.
Organize a meal drive for a very pregnant friend.
Host a facial product party.
Watch the children take part in their final Track and Field event of the summer.
Play at the park.
Meet some MOPs moms for a park date.
Head downtown for our town's weekly vendor extravaganza with a friend and her children.
Try to re-explain pottytraining to our 2-year-old.
Have a friend down from the cities.
Sew chair covers and burp rags for the new nursery that will be filled by friend, any day now.
Experience Crafty [store's] Weekly Wednesday party for wine, treats, door prizes, and 30% off--with friends.
Have friends over afterwards to scrap--until midnight.
Have friend over to sew special somethings.
Bake a homemade Chicken Potpie and Monster Cookies and deliver it with a salad to a friend whose little guy just had heart surgery.
Head out of town to Mr. Marvelous' and my ol' stompin' grounds.

And that's where we're at. Where are you at?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Unloving Mammal Mama. Not completely.

I know I told you that last Friday we were having a MOPS Girls Getaway weekend at the lake. But, with all the busy Q & A posts, I wasn't able to share that I canceled it the night before due to the uncooperative weather that was headed our way. And it was a good thing we did, because the cracking thunder and storms would have really rained on our parade. Big Bummer!! But, a gloomy Saturday it wasn't. We changed plans to meet for breakfast at 7:30 and the Quilt Show at 9. Now the Quilt Show... that's a whole different post. As for today, I need to talk about being taken advantage of.

Have you ever felt that feeling? Like someone just worked a creative maneuver move on you and you didn't even see it coming? Like someone's wheels were turning and manipulation was where they were taking you? You see, during breakfast, that Quilt Show morning, as 2 of my friends and I were putting in order our plan of action for our mid morning rendezvous, there was a lull in conversation. That's when it happened.

friend: "Hey, Tiff? You want to bunnysit Harvest for us while we go on vacation this afternoon?"

me: "Um. What?"

friend: "Harvest. He's the bunny we got 2 days ago. He's 2 months old and, well, we can't take him with us to Family Camp and he can't stay in our garage for 4 days, he'll die."

me: "Ahh. What? You have a bunny? What made you want to get a bunny? And you want me to take care of it? And if I don't, you're sayin' he'll die?"

friend: (looking a little taken back but honestly replying with) "Well, Julia and Luke can take care of it."

(in my head I'm invisioning what that might look like)

me: "Sooo. What do Julia and Luke need to do with this new bunny of yours, Becky? And, do I have to pick him up at all?

---Ok, let me try to explain that last question. Growing up I had an assortment of pets. Dogs, parrots, hamsters, and my tabby cat "honey" who I picked out when I was 4 and who lived until my first year in college. And I loved them all. I loved pets. And somewhere between losing "honey" and having our first child, I became this terrible germaphobe who doesn't appreciate the mammal type like before. I'm one that quickly and quietly wards away all lap-pouncing cats or drooling dogs. To all my creature loving friends, I guess I'm letting the cat out of the bag on this one. Sorry.---

I guess my bunny adopting friend was cashing in on the opportunity to use my bunnysitting services in return for her photography skills the entire day of the girls' Carnival party.

me: "Ok, we'll take him. I mean--come on--I know how to take care of bunnies. And actually, I had a bunny growing up. I used to show him in 4H. Then one year, I remember like it was yesterday, 4 days before that year's County Fair I found him [unresponsive] in his cage."

friend: (unresponsive but cracked a slightly forced smile)

So later that afternoon, over came Harvest. I wasn't planning on enjoying our bunnysitting at all, until I laid my eyes on this little guy...

I had no idea how cute this little buggar was going to be, how heartwarming it was going to be watching Julia treat it like her own little babe, and how silly Luke was going to act as to entertain it.
And of course, a bunny needs a blanket. What bunny doesn't?
And would you believe it? After the first day I was loving my new role as bunnysitter. We had such a great 4 days with "Harvey."
And then--just like that--I get a phone call from some lady declaring she is Harvest's real mom who then speeds over and hauls our little guy away. There we stand. Emptyhanded*. And very much feeling like we were taken advantage of.

*Ok, not so emptyhanded. How cute are these awards and paper bunnies? And how delicious was the bunny cake that was delivered the following day piping hot from the oven!!

Wordless Wednesday