Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Snowsuiting Cyclists

Dearest Dozing 4under3,

I'm so sorry!

It will never happen again! At least, I'll try never to be so foolish.

I realize that it's 88 degrees out, with not a cloud in the sky and furthermore not the slightest whip of the wind. But a bike ride along the river sounded like a fabulously fun idea as it began forming in my mind while pouring your cereal this morning. I realize the air conditioning was definitely doing its job as we stood there munching on our bowls of Total, topped with freshly sliced strawberries. I know now that I should have sprinted around the house 17 times--in a snowsuit--to get a really good comparison for what a bike ride today would feel like. And so I apologize.

And don't think for one second that I didn't grasp how inconvienient our picnic was before even the start of our voyage. The reason I laid our blanket on that sloping terrain and continued in trying to feed 4 unstrapped, toppling children is because that tiny tree we were under gave us the only shaded area around. And, yes, I was aware of my overzealous effort in covering you all in sunscreen, but the possibility of it being sweat off in those first few sticky moments of walking from the car to the blanket, was very likely.

Thank you all for ignoring the sweat beads that continuely dripped in your faces, for being troopers and pedaling on in almost perfect understanding as I continually hollered up to "stay on our side...move over sweetie...watch out for that biker."

And little girls! I recognized how uncomfortable it must have been for you two, being smooshed in the bike trailer, arms sticking to eachother. It was not the day for a reenactment of an afternoon in the womb.

Julia, you were a great leader. I have to say that watching your little defined calf muscles pump away on your bike was one of my favorite parts of our journey. And, Luke, you added joy to my heart. While you mostly played caboose, your beet red cheeks didn't keep you from singing your many different verses of The Wheels on the Bus to yourself while you rolled along.

So really, little troopers. Next time we'll talk pools, or sprinklers, or even a bucket of water to play with in the backyard. Not snowsuits and cycling. I promise.


Your overheated, perspiring Mama


Amy said...

Tiff, that is adorable! I was going to say, wish you had posted a photo...but you did kinda. ;)

Rachel said...

Oh, it is sweaty out there today. We did the bike thing today too, but our bike route ended at a very cool lake. The ride home was significantly hotter (and more difficult) than the ride there.

Hope they wake up properly refreshed.

Anonymous said...

Well, you deserve a medal for your awesomely athletic aspirations. I love your go-getter-ness.

Wish you could have joined us at the pool. We spent 4 hours at The Splash Pad and I never had to work up a sweat.

Hey, all's well that ends well. At least they are dozing and not dehydrating, dismal or dying. Bonus points for that!

Angela said...

Is this the cutest thing I've ever read?


Are you the craziest friend I have today, for thinking of biking and a picnic in today's heat??


Kristi said...

LOVED that letter! How creative!

And, I agree with Amy that you verbally painted a wonderful picture for us all to "see" of your outing today with your kiddos!

Interesting...we really didn't have that HEAT here today. What a difference a few hours makes!! :-)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

This is too cute and funny!
You do have some little troopers. You must be supermom. :)

4 Little Men & Twins said...

that was so cute! Sure i've done that one before... those dang silly ideas. :)