Sunday, July 27, 2008

rockstar swimmer

The dude loves the water!

It started around 12 or 13 months when he would lay on his tummy in the bathtub and roll to his back...full submersion of face and all. Then as he grew older, it turned to spinning himself from tummy to back, sometimes 5 or 6 times in a row.

Thank goodness for that. It's still the only way the kids' bathroom floor gets cleaned.

But this, I've laughed more this summer from watching him and his gravity defying feats in the water than I have since the original Cosby show was airing. (Oh, Bill. You've added many years to my life through laugh therapy.)

He's some footage of our little backflipping boy flinging himself around in the little pool. I'm hoping to get some of him jumping in the big pool this next week. The lifeguard thinks he's a rockstar swimmer. Maybe we should send him to swim lessons.


Amy said...

What a guy!!

Leslie said...

You are so on top of blogging! Every time I check you have another great post.

We have talked about name Sawyer. Problem with Jack is there are way too many and too plain like Luke and Sam.
Names we've considered:
But none seem like "it" ya know?!?

Holly said...

That's one fearless dude! I was so tickled to be called a "green thumb" for the first time in my life, thanks! This is actually the first year that we've done a garden on our own and I feel more like a "greenhorn"! We are not so lucky to live where Bambi and her offspring can bother our garden *sigh*, but we do have rabbits, and shockingly they've stayed away!

the schirano triplets said...

i cannot believe how much he loves the water!

Carrie B said...

Cute! (PS - it is weird to finally hear your voice after only reading your writing for so long...but just like I imagined it to sound, in a good way :) )

Tina M. said...

I say sign him up. I bet he ends up getting his fair share of pool water after he swims.