Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleep Number by Select(ed) Comfort

Hi, this is Norah.
...and, I'm Hazel.

And, our Sleep Number is 2.

We've selected this as our "Preferred Slumber Setting."

This number allows for an ideal sleeping arrangement which includes maximized body warmth, soothing breathing patterns, and constant ateasement, giving us the best day and night time sleep possible.

There's no need for a Duvet-style pillow top or a Dual Foam Layering System, just position us next to eachother allowing for an easy grab of hands. This creating an incomparible soft and luxurious sleep array will send us into dreamland with two sighs of relief.

If you misposition us within our crib, we'll readjust...eventually making our way to our preferred twinzone.

What's your Selected Comfort?
*Preferred TwinZone and Constant AtEaseMent are registerred trademarks of 4under3's multiple line. The information within this post is provided "as precious" with warranty of all "cutie kinds." Whether expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranty of "adorable merchantibility" stands true.


Amy said...

Awww, make me want to go have twins!

Amy said...

Tsk, tsk, always proofread/review your comment before publishing:
Awww, makeS me want to go have twins!

Tiffany said...

...I was wondering. I thought I was really supposed to "make [you]...have twins." As though, I was to let you in on an unshared secret of concocting a multiple pregnancy versus a singleton. That I'd have to google since we have no idea how it happened.

Ehlan said...

That is so sweet! I wondered if they shared a crib!

Lori said...

Hi Tiff! Just me (from MOMs).... You're babies (all 4) are just beautiful!! Isn't it fun to see our twins interacting? Mine are sucking on each others ears right now..... Love the blog -- keep it up!

Rachel said...

Oh, that is about the sweetest thing! I want to know if they form their own little mutual language. I've heard it's more common with twins who share cribs.

Speaking of MOMS--so you go the BBC MOMS? Which campus do you go to you?

Kim said...

Nothing like sugglin/keepin warm with someone you love! Thank you for the compliments on my latest post, it was really sweet.
We got those drinks at our local grocery store (Woodmans') I'm sure you can get them at any co-op, Landn loves them!

Tiffany said...

I'm not really sure what BBC MOMS is, but I am a part of the Mothers of Multiples group that is in our area. I get to meet with a great group of encouraging women once a month.

Amanda said...

That is the SWEETEST post ever! I LOVE those pictures. I bet you could stand and watch those little bugs sleep all night long!

Get this, my grandma (mom's mom) had 13 kids, but the craziest part about that is that she had 3 sets of twins!
My mom and her identical twin are one of the three sets. Needless to say, I always thought I was bound to have twins. Guess not!:)

Anonymous said...

Awww, make we want to go and have twins!

Okay, kidding. I already DO (um, did) want twins! I've been facinated with multiples my whole life. Mostly I used to draw twins. And give them super-fabulous-really-long names.

I was hoping you'd post about this sometime. I assumed (from a few other things you'd posted) that Hazel and Norah co-slept, but I wasn't sure. That's SO GREAT!!! I can just FEEL the (sleepy) bond between the two. And they look so super cozy and chunky in their sleep sacks. No one's gettin' cold in their crib!!

Sweet dreams, you two.

Anonymous said...

Positively Adorable!! My girls just turned 7 (yrs! - you'll be there before you can even blink!) and they share a double bed right now. I will find them all curled up face to face, or spooning like an old married couple. When I tell them the next morning about all the silly ways I find them sleeping, they laugh and laugh. I'll have to snap a photo of my own sometime to share.

Angela said...

Absolutely precious. I love this post! It must be so amazing to have twins... what a incredibly unique and special bond they are sure to have throughout their whole lives!

By the way- I noticed on their stats that Norah is 18.1 lbs. - she weighs only a little less than my little (peanut) 16 month old daughter who is 19 lbs. even!

Melissa said...

Aren't twins the best? Wish mine would still sleep together! (Miss El is WAY to wiggley for Keaton's taste!

Anonymous said...

that is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. ( Besides my own!) You must be a busy mom. Bless you

gina said...

I always wanted twin girls and hubby wanted twin boys- here's why. :)