Saturday, February 16, 2008


There was no fun to be had at our house today.

...just a ball full of boringness and uneventful excitementless humdrum.

If our walls could talk they'd vouch that from 9a-9p much of nothing went on. They'd say "ho, hum." while twiddling their thumbs.

The air sat as if it had sipped on a decaf Litenote all day. The energy lacked as an under emphasized adagio movement. This left room for serious bordomaniacs.

The only liveliness that seemed to go on here was the sound of the wind hitting our windows and the heater occasionally kicking on and off......boring. mind-numbing. bore.


Well, we weren't home....


Amy said...

Fun. Fun.

Lots better than sitting around breathing stale air.

Glad you guys got out. Your temps must be better than ours!

Leslie said...

I thought your day was sounding lots like mine...I was way wrong. Sounds like a very fun day.

Angela said...

Hey Tiffany! I think seeing Ariana up there made me sad! It just doesn't seem right! She is so tiny- she is still in an infant car seat (cause she's only 19 lbs)... and here she is starting to talk and do funny big kid things.

BTW- SOOO funny that you were at the zoo yesterday! I'll be we passed you somewhere, because we were there, too! Though, it was SOOO crazy busy that I doubt that even if we were next to each other, we would have noticed. Can you believe how many people were there?? Did you even attempt to go in the sandbox? That is why we origially went, but took one look at the kids packed in there like sardines and instead bribed the kids with pizza. They were fine with that... it looked a little overwhelming even for them!!

Kim said...

How fun! I had been chatting with MCKMama about taking a litle trip to the cities and meeting up with her and her lucky charms for the afternoon to go to this very zoo.

Ehlan said...

How fun for the zoo! We are excited to take Olivia this spring!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of day!

And, okay, WHOA. We go the Zoo all the time: what sandbox? Someone please clarify.