Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Sliver for a Sugar Boost

You know how some days you start to shake because you're so hungry? All it takes is a little something to up your sugar levels and you're back in action. That used to be me, each time I was pregnant.

But, I was hungry alll the time.

If Marvelous and I were going somewhere in the car, I always packed something to snack on, and he always planned our meals around my hunger cues. I honestly felt like I was eating nonstop. Some of my favorite boosters were: yogurt cups, cheese, dried fruit, shelled sunflower seeds, granola, cheetos (oops), and Quaker O's.

Here's another sliver of my new unavoidable.


Melanie, Who am I ? said...

You have way too much time on your hands!

Kim said...

Can you tell me who hosted the Toxic Teaparty... I want to find out more about it!


Anonymous said...

Ahh! You are killing me. I see letters. T I C N. I like to eat, too.

Amy said...

Could those letters be J (julia), L (luke), H (hazel), & N (norah)?

Still not sure precisely what the object is.

Maybe you'll tell us soon.



Leslie said...

I am so proud of myself that I started scrap booking last week. I am loving it. I just can't find a place to make die cut letters. Do you have a machine? Can't wait to see some of your pages.

Anonymous said...

u got me.