Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tonight this busy little guy figured out what the point in sitting on the potty is.

Three cheers for Luke! And, for his patient streak that allowed him to sit long enough for an accomplishment, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, his sideline cheerleaders, and the 1/4th of an orange Starburst that dazzled his tastebuds afterwards.

Anyone have a tissue to dry my eyes? (sniff, sniff)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Luke! Way to go!!

There is no way I would sit that long for 1/4 of a candy though. Nope, I'd need at least a Halloween-sized bag.

But, it does my heart good to know there are other fraction-of-a-candy eating children out there like mine.

I'll bet your mom doesn't just eat 1/4 candies though! On second thought, she probably does. Good self control. I think I have her pegged.

Anywhoo, way to go on the potty-ing!

Rachel said...

Congratulations Mr. Luke! And of course, Mr. Luke's mama. I see less diapers in your future!

Amy said...

Yay Luke! Woohoo! There's hope for us yet!
Your friend Gabe sat on the potty yesterday for about ten minutes, until Gabe's momma worried that he's have potty-ring-bottom, if he sat much longer.
And all was for naught.

Heya Luke, where you at there? It looks fun!

Kim said...


Stacey said...

Way to Go Luke!
That's great. How wonderful that must feel, momma!
I might needs some trick when the time comes.

Angela said...

Don't take too long to wipe your tears... before you know it, you'll have TWO MORE to potty train :)

YAYY for Luke :)

Melissa said...

Check out my blog when you get a chance...I added something just for you!!!

Leslie said...

That is great news. How has that all been? I hear it doesn't go so well for boys. Did you have to camp out at home all week?

Way to go Lukey!!

Ehlan said...

Hooray for pottys! :) Good job Luke!

Amanda said...

Way to go, little man! You don't know how much you're helping your Mommy and Daddy out by beginning the ventures of potty training. Good for you. Next time, tell your Mommy you deserve a WHOLE Starburst. :)