Thursday, February 7, 2008

Smooth Strollin'

1.Alarm at 6:20. Shower. Hair. Makeup. Dressed.
2.Greet Julia in kitchen at 7. Pour her and Luke's bowl of cereal and glasses of milk, peel banana, vitamins.
3.Warm bottles for the girls. Prep rice cereal and pureed squash.
4.Go wake Lukie at 7:15. He's so funny. Squeeze and tickle him all the way to his booster seat.
5.Go wake girls up. They are usually awake, rolling around in their crib, "talking" to eachother.
6.Put girls in their chairs with bottles. Feed them their cereal.
6.5 Do Julia's hair at the table. Have her put on the clothes set out for her.
7.After breakfast. Big kids up stairs to "entertain" themselves. Toy of choice-blocks.
8.Sponge bath the girls on the livingroom floor. Change diapers and into clothes.
9.Prep MOPS bottles for the girls. Diaper bag and purse out to car.
10.Clean up kitchen. I can't stand coming home to a messy kitchen.
11. Change Luke
12. Start car.
13. Lay out coats. Julia gets ready and chases Luke around trying to help him.
14. I help Luke with his coat.
15. Girls in their carseat carriers.
16. Luke in car first. Followed by baby #1. Followed by Julia. Followed by baby #2.
17. Kid check. Seatbelt check. Double Stroller check.
18. Out the driveway at 8:45. Right on time.

This is becoming a great, smooth running routine. We're all happy, excited for MOPS, and pumped to be getting out of the house. After a refreshing time with my group, "Becky's House," we voyaged to McDonald's playland. A first as a "full family." It couldn't have gone any better. Phew...

Added bonus-Daddy surprised us there, even though he said he couldn't make it.


Stacey said...

ok so just typing all that would have taken me from 7-8:45.
Way to go Mommy of 4under3.

Amy said...

I commend you! You so totally rock!
I only have 2. And I never seem to leave when I want to.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Stacey's comment is hilarious.

First, THANK YOU for taking the time to write that wonderful email to me. I just got home and read it. It meant SO much to me. Thank you!

Second, our day was SO VERY much like this. Just because, here is a rundown of the similarities (oh, and some differences):

We had MOPS today, too! Kieran rolled out at 7; so did I. He ate breakfast while I showered. I don't wake children. Ever. If I can help it. I dressed and did my hair and he ate, and I did his hair at the table, too! It's long enough to need "doing." Detangle spray, comb it out. He takes a bathroom break and changes into the clothes I laid out for him. I go get Cullen when I hear him wake at 8. Plop him in his highchair and give him milk, banana, and ham. I get our bag ready: milk sippy, LABELED diapers (not that it mattered: after MOPS when I changed Cullen, the diaper he was wearing said "Laura L" on the front in a Sharpie.) for Cullen, unlabeled for Maisie (she stays with me), snacks for after, my MOPS info...After Cullen eats, I change his diaper and clothes on the living room floor as well. When both boys and I are ready, I put them in their coats and hats. Then, I wake Maisie even though I hate to. I have to. I nurse her while the boys walk around in their coats. Then, I change Maisie and set her in her carseat (your girls are still in their little ones, too?). Kieran walks to the car (detached garage...grrr) and I carry Cullen (easier, with all the snow and ice on driveway). I buckle both boys in, pull the car out, leave it running with the Go Fish video playing inside. Carry diaper bag out. Buckle Maisie into her seat, put her hat on, pull the fleece carseat cover over her head and take her out. Run back in for a Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper. Check for double stroller. Drive away to MOPS at 8:45. Sometimes, we do McD's after MOPS, but today it was Subway and then to Edinborough Park to play for the rest of the day. Literally. We skipped naps. It was a CRAZY AWESOME day! Smooth strollin.

Whew! Now I'm done! With my day and with that comment. :)

Ehlan said...

Wow, you guys exhaust me. I don't want 4, but you inspire me to be ready for more!!

Kim said...

Wow. My mornings are so not organized and scheduled like that, they are crazy hectic.
P.S. It seems as though Melaleuca has more products than Shaklee.... but you like Shaklee much better?

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