Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nothing Really. Just Human Fertilization.

I ventured out to our Supercenter today. It was like pulling my own teeth to get myself to go as I really really dislike it there. But, we were in much need of clipboards, mod podge, milk, diapers, and an hour and a half more worth of ingestables.

As I was pushing my overloaded cart down an overpacked aisle, I noticed a very large pregnant mommy. It really wasn't the extremely overworked belly button that caught my attention, it was the fact that she was roughly the 159th offspring embracer that I'd passed since I'd entered the store. Talk about reproducing!

I always wondered...if the statistic stands true, that there are 5 babies born every second, where are they all?

I've never noticed so many big bellys as I have in the last couple months. You'd think that being pregnant more than not during these last 4 years would have heightened my awareness for other human fertilization. But frankly, while I was pregnant with each of our children I was consumed with me and my own. I carefully carried my extra 40lbs with the first two and 62 with the last, I often gently moved feet and arms away from my ribcage, and I peed every 10 minutes. I ate every two hours, drank my 12 glasses of water and 3 cans of Boost each day, took my prenatal multivitamins, got my rest, and with the last two pregnancies I followed the doctor's order when I was put on bedrest.

I guess I was not noticing any other fertilized females.


Amanda said...

I, too, have been noticing pregnant bellies everywhere, but particularly at MOPS! We have about 60 women in our MOPS group, and I swear, 1 out of 3 are expecting! It's insane! I can tell you one thing --- although I LOVE pregnant bellies and LOVE babies, I am SO relieved I am NOT currently (nor do intend on being again) an offspring embracer!

Anonymous said...

I always notice more pregnant moms when I am pregnant. But now, too, I see them everywhere! Why, just today, Angelina Jolie walked by me and, hot diggety dog, she's pregnant!

Oh, and we need Mod Podge, too.

Amy said...

Have I ever mentioned that I'd rather get a pap smear than go to Walmart Supercenter? Seriously. I loathe it w/ all my soul.
But I guess, what can I expect from a place where I can get both a 48 ct of tampons, crickets for fishing, an engagement ring, AND chow mein noodles.
Hey, grab me some bubble gum ice cream while you're there, would you?

Amy said...

PS Oh yes, it really is 4 am.

Angela said...

Okay- I totally agree with Jennifer- I always notice pg women when I'm pg.... are you sure there is nothing you're not yet aware of? :)

Angela said...

BTW- what do you use mod podge for?? I've never even heard of it. Is this something I need to know about?!?!