Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unwrapping my Creation

I thought I'd unwrap my eye candy for you now.

It's my box!
Good job box guessers.

One day during naps, I was feeling creative and thought I should channel my flowing artismic juices towards something for me. And....waaaaala! This is what I came up with.

This 5x6 "eye candy" box is made from a concentrated collection of sugar and water my very favorite pattern paper, in which a variety of flavoring and colorants were added. After tearing, sewing, glueing, geming, and labeling, I came up with this high glycemic piece of yummyness.
Now I have to decide what to put in it. I think it would be fine empty. I could imagine it has something in something from Tiffany & Co., an unlimited Spa giftcard, or tickets straight to a hot sandy beach somewhere.


Stephanie Balvin said...

How about as you find things you want to do, or places you want to go, you put them in there for a time when you can. Kinda like a wish box! I think I want one of those now!

Kim said...

I could never find time to do somethnig like that and you having 4 babes, I dont know HOW you found time! j/k
It's super duper cute!

Amy said...

I had one of these wherein I kept some wedding keepsakes; the bridal mag I got lots of ideas from, receipts, stubs, ideas jotted down on paper, the invites to all the showers/parties, etc.
I had covered the box w/ photos of me trying on dresses, & different kinds of paper, along w/ a piece of a calendar (june, of course).
One thing I started doing recently (since it seems we'll most likely be moving w/in the next 18 mos) is tearing out ideas/pictures of rooms (in magazines) that I like. Or even an idea from a room (like a blackboard headboard for a bed for Gabe). So, maybe I could make a nifty box like yours to keep those things in.
IF I have time.
PS How do you have time??

Anonymous said...

Oh, YUM. Your box IS eye candy. That being said, I think (among other things, perhaps) you should put REAL candy in there! Well, if you eat real candy, which I really don't. But, if I had some always sitting around in a gorgeous box like that, I would!!

Rachel said...

Great creation, Tiffany! And fun guessing game too. Sorry that I missed it, but it was fun playing catch up.

Kristi said...

Fun game, and even "funner" (I know, not good grammar) box!

I love the paper that you used to decorate it all up! :-)

Amanda said...

What a fun little creation! I wish, when I start feeling creative, I could throw together something like that! You have QUITE a talent!

Stacey said...

I totally missed out on that game. Love the box Tiff. Super fun! Is that stitching I see around the edge. Beautiful!

AMANDA said...

It's so nice just to have something pretty to look at on one of "those" days. I think you should fill with things that make you happy.

AMANDA said...

By the way, how do you get music on your blog?