Friday, February 1, 2008

Tiniest Teether

**4 teeth already! At this age, our oldest two showed no signs of any.


Anonymous said...

4! Wow.

As much as I'd really love an even better view of her pearly whites (I do believe I can see hints of the bottom two), I much prefer this gorgeous pouty-lip pose she likes to make.

Oh, and guessing here: Hazel?

Did you have a "backdrop" up? Are you getting all fancy on us?

Neither of my boys got a tooth until 11 months. I THOUGHT I saw one coming in on Maisie tonight as I bathed her and I nearly let her slip into the water I was so alarmed. Thank goodness there was nothing there. I finished her bath without incident.

Amy said...

My kids were bashful teethers too (didn't get their first til 11 & 12 mos).

I guess this girl is ready to move onto steak & burgers...she knows what she wants.

Kim said...

Seriously. Look at that face! And those lips! I want to give her a big smoocher. I see the bottom two as well.
I think Land got his first one at 10 mos.
Oh p.s. thanks for the haircut compliment!