Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle

Today my...
"half hippie, half organic, I-grow-my-own-Kiefer-on-my-countertop-while-fermenting-every-vegetable-from-my-garden, hidden amish attributes girlfriend" came to visit us for the day.

Feeling the need to present my "raw apple cider vinegar fanatic" an impressive meal, I carefully researched for a non-pesticidal, non-sewage sludge menu.

I decided on a perfectly processed sandwich atop flax oat bread and this pilaf as a side.

After I jotted down my needed ingredients for the pilaf, I gathered the big kids and headed out to our nearby HyVee. Quinoa, pronounced keen-wa, topped my list yet ended up being the last crossed item. Where...better yet...WHAT is Quinoa?

Scanning aisle after aisle with no luck, I found a dedicated stocker boy. "Excuse me? Could you show me where your "keen-wa" is? By the response on his face, I then agreed that "these people really do stand by their moto." A friendly smile in every aisle is exactly what he gave me.

We followed him out of the organic section, past the floral department and into the pharmacy. As we neared the end of his chosen aisle he pointed, "There you go miss, top shelf."

Confused and a little concerned for what it really was that I was supposed to be putting in my pilaf, I looked over to see a well lined row of.....KY Jelly. Tingling Ultragel, Sensual Mist, and the row went on.

Keen-wa, KY. A reasonable communication glitch.

Long story short, the big kids and I did find our Quinoa, our stocker boy showed wonderful enthusiasm for his job that day, and our pilaf was a fabulous hit.


Amanda said...

That's HILARIOUS! I remember the first time I went shopping for Quinoa. I had NO idea what it was, except that a new recipe required it as one of the ingredients. The "stocker boy" led me to the pasta and needless to say, I came home with the wrong thing.

I'm so glad to hear you're trying the muffin recipe! I hope you and the kiddos enjoy it as much as we do! Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I will officially (try) to stop commenting that, after every comment and post that you write, I want to sing your praises for what SUPER posts and comments you concoct. I will just (try) to leave it be at this: I think you are one of the most fabulous, witty, hip, funny, clever post and comment writers that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It's so difficult for me not to try each time I read a comment or post of yours to tell you how much I love your style!! But, believe me, if I succeed at letting this rest for a bit, know that I will be loving your posts and comments. A lot. And looking always forward to a new one by or from you.

That being said, oh, gee, I guess I don't have much more to say!

Except that I'm glad you didn't put Warming Touch KY in your pilaf. That would certainly have sent your hippie amish friend screaming out of your house in her clogs, wool tights and shawl.

P.S. She sounds like my kind of friend! So do you, if you were wondering. But probably you weren't wondering that. This comment alone is probably enough proof about how I feel about you.

Amy said...

Oh that's so funny. It's enough to make my insomnia-induced late night cyber-surfing worthwhile.

The stock boy is probably re-telling this story as well. ;)

Happy Vday!

Ehlan said...

Oh that is too much!! Thanks for the laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Ok Tiff look... i am actually leaving a comment. that story is soooo hilarious! He probubly thought you were a foreigner by the way you pronoucing KY-LOL. Happy v-day, Love Melissa Post

Kim said...


resa said...

i'm laughing out loud! thanks. i needed that one.