Friday, February 8, 2008

This thing called a...


Some husbands people don't understand the satisfaction...nor the essential need of it... that this online-free-to-the-public chronicle brings. However, I call it my "Retreat From the Busyness."

After opening up my rambling mind to the keyboard almost every day, that simple click on the perfect little "publish post" button sends a shock wave of achievement throughout my body. It is here where I journal of day-to-day experiences and connect with other "bloggy friends."

Thanks to the kids, dogs, moms, husbands, etc. out there who create noteworthy experiences that are then put to script, I've laughed, cried, and sat in amazement through some wonderfully put posts.

Thank you bloggers. All 112 Million of you.

(Ok, I don't frequent them all.)

  1. You make me laugh, Mckmama.
  2. You make it so easy to imagine just how sweet your little girl is, Rachel.
  3. You have a hilarious husband, Stacey.
  4. Your little boy has found the perfect spot, Shelly.
  5. You have some handsome ones on your hands, Leslie.
  6. You found a great one, Amy.
  7. You made me tear up, Kim.
  8. You got a great shot, Ehlan.


Anonymous said...

AH, what a great post idea! I'm so glad I make you laugh. I LOVE your blog...and your comments. Seriously, I know I've mentioned it, but really. Glad you love is SO fun (and so confounding to husbands) to get online and write about our families. Ahhhh.

Also, what am I doing still awake!? Argh.

Amy said...

I get made fun of all the time for communing with my "blog friends" (he says that with a high & whiney voice).

Truth is, he's probably jealous. ;)
I mean, who doesn't want "blog friends"??

PS Thanks for the shout out!

Rachel said...

So true, so true Tiffany. Blogging definitely feeds that need for accomplishment. I mean no one can go and run dirty foot prints or spill apple juice on your post. When it's published, it's published. If only that was true the the floor or the laundry or the anything else in my house.

And I'm so happy we're blog friends. Your children are adorable, perhaps we will meet up sometime in the real world. :)

P.S. I concur with Jennifer. You do have a talent for commenting. They even make Nate laugh out loud and that's not easy.

Kim said...

Isn't it so weird how once yo have started this, now it's hard to go a day with updating it? It certainly is for me and I have met so many incredible women and 1 man on here, just blows my mind. Thank you for sharing all you do, I love coming to your blog on a daily basis and seing what's new in your world. Sorry I made you etar up, maybe next time I can be the one who makes you laugh! lol

Ehlan said...

Thanks Tiff! I agree! It is such a release to get on and see what other moms(those are most of the blogs I read) are up to, commiserate, and sometimes just whine to! I've said it before, but thank you for inspiring me! You make me feel it just might be possible to have more than one baby!!