Saturday, October 10, 2009

game day, cold, and smitten

Mr. Marvelous. He leaves me smitten as a kitten.

Even in this picture--that my camera's timer caught of us while it sat on a green electrical box that we found on our walk to the big football game this morning--I'm smitten. Even though it's only 32 degrees out, we're standing on a wet, snowy, slippery slope, my nose is bright red from the frigid 6 block walk, and my eyes are dripping from the extremely snappy air...

... I'm still smitten.

Speaking of our state college football game today, it started out a bit nerve-racking. We were behind. And cold. We're not used to outdoor games, being that we've played indoors for the past 20 years. It was just this season that our state's brand new outdoor stadium opened. And I'll tell ya, Mr. Marvelous and I are a little excited about the whole deal.

We finally scored a touchdown and got a little wild and crazy. We spent a lot of time jumping up and down, to both show spirit and keep warm.
Then we scored another touchdown. And then intercepted and scored a third touchdown, just minutes from the second. We got a bit more crazy.

Then, we got out our suckers and goofed around while we basked in our comfortable lead.

Then we won. We screamed and high fived eachother. And I admittedly proclaimed to Mr. Marvelous that the thought of a hot bubble bath had been dancing in my head for most of the game.

The End.