Wednesday, February 6, 2008

These Little Piggies.

Last fall we I decided that Julia was to follow in her momma's footsteps and sport the short hairstyle for awhile. We asked for a cutie "Bob" leaving her light brown locks even with her little button chin and a slight wedge in back.

After hair flinging and ta-da singing, that's what we got. Complete cuteness! A style that complimented each of her precious, girly features. Neck. Nose. And all.

As much as I loved adorning her new 'do with barrets and ouchless bands to hold her bangs out of her eyes, I missed pulling her hair back in pigtails. The wedge prohibited this.

Well. Six months later, I'm here to say...Welcome back little piggies!


Anonymous said...

OOoooh, I LOVE the Wedge but LOVE piggies, too! I don't know what .)I'll do!! (When the time arrives)

Anywhoo, Julia looks adorable in these...I especially like the soft side part, just off the midline. It suits her perfectly.

Amy said...

Yay Piggies!
I also love knotting up the pigtails.

I do too tho, flirt with the idea of chopping off Flynn's locks (& mine!).

But it always comes back to the piggies.

Kim said...

Little girls with piggies are so necessary! I do love me a wedge, considering I have one myelf, however I look much better with a wedge than piggies, so she pulls them both of oh-so nicely.

Shelly said...

super cute piggies!!

Ehlan said...

Love the piggies! I can't wait for Olivia's hair to get to piggy length...only a little more, right? :)

Leslie said...

She is so precious. I wish I could pull off that piggies look. I actually tried to model my last haircut after a 3 year old. Needless to say I don't look near as cute!!