Monday, September 21, 2009

laughter therapy list

I laughed today. A bunch of times, in fact.

Which got me thinking. What is it about laughing that seems to put me on top of the world? And what is it about something, that makes someone laugh? And why do I find Snow Monkeys downright hi-larious and others don't even bat an eye at them? And why is it that when the most irritating fly is flying laps around my head, the fly swatter goes missing? Sorry, wrong post.

I digress.

So, since I'm sure you already know the bundle of benefits your body undergoes by merely taking part in a good rib tickler, I'll just share with you what cracks me the heck up.


When people lip sync to songs, but don't know the words.

When this is what I get:

when I ask this little girl to please smile and say, "cheese."

When people use the word "crud."

This video from Youtube.

The scene from Along Came Polly when the guys are playing a pickup game of basketball, and Philip Seymour Hoffman keeps yelling "Let it rain" while throwing nothing but bricks at the hoop.

How Hazel started calling her twin sister "YaYa." And now Norah calls Hazel the same thing.

Just looking at this picture--that my camera's timer caught while we were trying for a group photo--of my friend the other night during Girls Night Out:

When I hit a bump while driving, and Norah calls from the 3rd row, "Whoa Mom."

When Luke insists on pushing his dumptruck in the doll stroller when we go on walks.

When I compliment myself out loud--as I begin to clean up the savory supper meal that I'd just prepared for our family--saying, "No kidding! [Self] you did a darn dippity job on that there meal. Well done!" And, Mr. Marvelous embraces me and replies with, "Hold on there little lady. Be careful you don't throw your shoulder out while patting yourself on the back."

And looking at pictures of people laughing, while they sit in parking lots way past most people's bedtime:

Ha ha hahahaha. See? [Sigh]

Anyways. What gets you giggling?


Paige said...

The comments that come out of my 3 year old's mouth...
"I am done with you mom. I am putting you on the shelf."
"When you got me from my cheerleader friends (who are 6 years older than her and NOT her friends), you were NOT a good MOTHER."
"Hey mom...that used to be a grassy field and then...a church growed up."

My 7 year old makes me laugh when he shakes his head at his sister's antics and attempts to correct her inproper grammar or facts and HE is still wrong.

Animal antics make me giggle.

"Wipeout" makes me horse-laugh.

Hanging out with the girls makes my sides hurt.

Thanks for sharing this...I am chuckling already...

mrs boo radley said...

This morning, when Boo Radley came downstairs all spiffed up and ready for work, I said, "You look amazing!"...and he replied with, "It's an optical illusion." His humility humor cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Love the cheesey picture and that's too cute about the little guy pushing around his truck. Hehe Nothing like a good laugh. :)

Jessie's Girls said...

Listening to myself throughout the day, e.g. "Don't bring your potty into the kitchen, and take your panties off your head."

Tara said...

Toby and Avery are arguing. Is it Norah or Hazel in the bust a gut laugh?

Erin said...

when my 2 yr. old gets ready to hit the ball with a bat...or when my 7yr. old explains to his buddy about his snake sheding...or when my husband gets ready to go hunting and EVERY time is soo thrilled he is like a kid on christmas morning...cute kids you have!! much love and blessings~erin

Anna said...

My 4 year old daughter is starting to say "that's way too funny" when she thinks something is funny. It's hilarious! I love her.

Angela said...

What makes me laugh is The Office!! Do you watch it? I just about died last night when Dwight was like, "are you serious? am I the only one getting this??" when talking about how Darryl and his sister look alike. If you didn't see it- never mind- you'll think I'm crazy!!

The Perfect Trio said...

sitting with my new friend, drinking a good glass of wine and having great girl talk!

being tickled by my much fun!

such a great post!!! i love the picture you captured of your friend!!!!


The Perfect Trio said...

oh, and, thanks for commenting on my giveaway post! tell your friends!!! i'm looking to get a bunch of great followers so i can have quality reading material when my kiddos are napping!


Nishant said...

"You look amazing!"...and he replied with, "It's an optical illusion." His humility humor cracks me up.

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