Thursday, March 5, 2009

Frequenting the Fairway

(The following is an entry that has been preposted. While Mr. Marvelous and I are vacationing in Costa Rica, I'll be backposting here at 4under3. See you next week.)

It all started when Luke found the sports bin in the rear of the garage early this summer.

With a treasure hunting expression on his face, he lifted the lid, and began pulling softballs, baseballs, gloves and a bat across the garage. Then comes the frisbees, ball pump, whiffle balls, basketballs and a soccer ball.

But the greatest treasure uncovered on that Pursuit for Sports Happiness Day was two rackets and tube of tennis balls.

Mr. Marvelous and I bought these prized pieces in our younger years. We thought we'd possibly become avid tennis players.

We didn't.

In Luke's attempt to operate the racket and ball, and before I stepped in to teach him about his new find, he would lay the ball on the concrete driveway and wack at it hoping for a connection. Many times he would miss and scrape the edge of the racket along the ground, but as he got better he would send it sailing and truly enjoyed seeing the ball spin away.

After Mr. Marvelous realized how partial Luke had become to the racket and ball, he decided it was time to enlighten his son of the true game of all games. Here he is trying out his new set of mini Titanium clubs.

Watch out Tiger. This dude now frequents the driving range with his daddy. He's about ready to take you on.

They've found their Saturday morning sanctuary.

What a fabulously fair-way of spending time together.



I love your blog and want you to know I've passed on an award to you!

Collegegirl said...

Man, glad father and son have a new ritual to do together. I love the last picture :)

Tana said...

Ohhhhhh for CUTE!!!! Mitch was always a fantastic sports coach as I was his teamate at the blacktoped Reindal basketball court, even though if I screwed up I didn't get the ball again it was ok. But caution don't let him introduce Luke to 4 square....because all Mitch does to "short" ones is smack it over their head....ha ha ha. The good old days of being neighbors.

gina said...

Awww, those are the cutest shots ever. pun intended. :) You've got some cute fellas over in that household of yours.

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Oh I am so not passing this along to my husband, as I am sure you saw in his birthday photos, Finn now has 2 clubs and has also been to the driving range! Glad we are not the only ones!

Kristi said...

How sweet! What a wonderful father/son bonding activity! Love it!

l e a h said...

Love the pun!!

Jessica said...

That first picture is too adorable for words. I LOVE his little tennis shoes!

Ehlan said...


Kristin said...

Oh my word, that is just too precious. Does your little man really have the patience for a whole game? That is adorable!

Tina M said...

What great concentration your 2 year old has! It looks like he loves it.

Whitney said...

How Cute! Great pics!