Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a breeze of organizational air

So, a lot has changed in our new kitchen since even this picture:

(And I think you'll agree that it's come a long way since this.)

But at least you can see our new new paint color. (Remember awhile back I promised I'd post one? Or have you forgotten since it's been so long?) Click here to get an even better idea of what the color looks like. Then toggle over to the Silver Sage color swatch on the bottom left. And, that's it!

I haven't taken an updated picture yet. Call it: Julia got strep, then the twins got an ear infection paired nicely with pink eye, Julia got over strep but woke crying last night because of her ear, and now I feel as if I have a tennis ball in my throat each time I swallow.

Sooo, we've been a wee bit busy in the land of 4underfoot!

But we have cabinets, a table, a super deep sink, and trim now. Yipee. It's like a thunderstorm for seedlings--exactly what we were waiting for.

I promise, er-I guess I can't promise, but I'll see if I can get a really updated one taken soon.

I'll try.

But I have to tell you, the uber best part of all of this, is how organized my cabinets have become. It's like a breeze of fresh organizational air swept through our new space and labeled, stacked, and positioned for convience every kitchen item I own.

I'll tell you all about later. As for now, I'll leave you with what our 4under3 looked like last year at Easter.

Remember, I tweeted about how my mother computer--that holds all my pictures--is buried under "stuff" that hasn't found a home in the kitchen yet?

This will have to do.

Happy Easter.



Kristin said...

I don't have a spacial mind, so I can't really figure out which part is where in your before and after pics, but I will pretend that's due to my [fake/colored/highlighted] blonde hair. ;)

I thought your before pic was stunning, so I can't imagine how amazing your after will look. The paint color is very soothing. Mmmmm.... :)

Hope as you read this you are on the mend!

Whitney said...

I'm excited to see the really updated pictures.

And will be "following" you today as you go the doctor.

Ok so that sounds a bit stalkerish.

Mrs. Toro said...

very pretty! i was expecting something much brighter and bolder but this is so soothing and beautiful!

amanda said...

happy easter again to you too. lol. praying that you all feel better soon!!!

Stephanie said...

I love how the color turned out!!!!!

Such an adorable picture!! Wish you were closer...i'd grab them all and babysit :) I could just squeeze those little girls!!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

So that color screams, well actually whispers.....

"I am so calm that I don't even realize that I have four children under whisks me into this peaceful Euphoria....and as long as I can keep the Spaghetti-Os off of the walls that sedate will all be well in my world"

So when it's all done.....can you invite me over for a yoga session in your kitchen?

LOVE it!


gina said...

4 underfoot! Bwahaha!

Cute ppic! Can't wait to see the kitchen all done. And to make my move which will give me a freshly organized start too! :)

Anonymous said...

How is the place coming? Lilly was wondering if maybe we could come down and visit...
Talk soon
Love ya

Sally said...

I absolutely LOVED reading through this blog tonight, Mitch! I hope to one day meet your lovely bride and darling children! I love her sense of humor (Mr. Marvelous?) and all the pictures of the kids! Good luck with this re-model! I am SO glad that you did not die on that snowmobile here in Jackson Hole! I look forward to seeing you all one day! Love, Sally