Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday with Pigeon Poo.

Oh, how I've missed being a part of My Charming Kids' Not Me! Monday. And, Oh, how the absence has filled my keyboard with despair.

But 4under3 is back, and it's time to spill the beans in Not Me! fashion.

One night while staying at my parents' house, I definitely did not brush my teeth with a little, blue, light up, toothbrush--designated for our 4 year old:
because I was unable to locate my own. Even though we had been on the run for 7 days--because of this--I keep everything organized. And all of the time. Even when it comes to toiletries.

While the children and I were visiting a childhood friend, there is no way that I allowed Luke to jump in his birthday suit on her outdoor trampoline. After he slipped on pigeon poo in their barn, I simply stripped his soiled outfit, bathed him in their tub, and put on the extra outfit that I always pack for him. I always plan for 'pigeon poo' mishaps and I never travel without an extra outfit for each of our children. Not me!

I am not posting this picture of Norah and Hazel, attempting to slide down an indoor waterslide together, just because. There is a good Not Me! reason, and it has nothing to do with Hazel's facial expression that sends me in stitches.
The other day, as I was loading the children into our car--that was parked in my parents' driveway--a man pulled up behind us in a minivan. That's when I, without a doubt, did not kinda.freak.out as I looked down to see that I was still in a pair of pajama shorts and a nonmatching, old, and oversized t-shirt that used to be one of my younger brothers. I did not care that I happen to be sporting my dad's black cowboy boots--that I slipped on quick--that were certainly 10 sizes too big. Even though I had planned on changing into my "real" outfit after everyone was buckled in, I had no problem looking the way I did in front of that stranger. None.

And if that last Not Me! wasn't that big of a deal for you all, let me add that the pajama shorts that I was wearing were positively not advertising the legs that I haven't shaved since Costa Rica. They weren't!

Now, if you feel your keyboard is down in the dumps, head on over and join in the fun. Happy Not Me! Monday.


mrs boo radley said...

So your legs haven't seen a razor since they saw tall waterfalls, huh.

And too funny about the big boots.

Still laughing about the slide pic.

And once, when I was on my rooftop in Seattle reading a book, I got poo'd on by a pigeon. Right on my forearm.

Brandy said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Brandy in Pittsburgh :)

Following Him said...

The sliding pict is soo funny. Her expression is priceless! Not shaving your legs since Costa Rica, oh have a couple more weeks till the hot weather arrives for good :) Luke totally cracks me up with being able to jump in his birthday suit too :)
Glad your back in motion :)
Happy Monday!

Mrs. Toro said...

I got poo'd on by a seagull when I was in Cozumel several years ago! Nasty!

Lisa H said...

Glad to see ya back to blogging! I've been off for a while too.

LOVE the waterslide pic. That is simply adorable.

Your whole not-me post cracked me up....thanks for the lift! :)

amanda said...

ummmm. isn't it normal to not shave for months? i thought so. it's the unthawing tundra man. that's when i start shaving. :)

Laurel said...

Just found your blog and look forward to reading more about your family.

I had my first 3 children in 2 1/2 years. Then, when they were 1, 2, 3, ... I found out I was expecting twins. So, I had 5 kids under 5. Then, the day after the twins turned 1, I found out I was expecting #6.

Our friends thought for SURE we would be DONE. But ... we were only 1/2 way there.


mama of 13

~*Michelle*~ said...

OK, so why do I have Kermit the Frog as am image in my head....thinking of your little stick legs sporting the "Hanka for a Hunka" cowboy boots.

Not sure if you have any clue on my reference, but's my bubble world in my head and everyone likes me here.

Another thing I thought of....seeing those cuties flying down the RIGHT ON!!! This coming from a top contender of the Parents of the Year Award when we thought it would be cool for H (at 2.5) to try to jump a wall with his battery operated quad. neat.

Thanks for the morning giggle!

ps. my word verification is


I just want to start talking German now. I think I will tell N, in a stern voice....MAMA WILL SPHING A LULLABY, YOU WILL SZEEP NOW!
ok, I need my second cup of coffee....or maybe go back to bed.

Deborah said...

I only wish I had a real pic of your dad running to the pickup in those same cowboy boots and his underwear, it must run in the family genes. That pic will remain in my minds eye forever!

Stephanie said...

Oh my I feel as though I could have written this. Seriously if we lived closer we could be the best of friends :)

gina said...

okay- that picture is simply ADORABLE!!

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