Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hazel's point of view at the zoo

Go ahead. Tell 'em Hazel.

Hazel: Ohhh, we had a mighty fine time at the zoo the other day. Get a load of this. My mama didn't get any pictures of the animals that day, but she did get to witness a rather comical form of brotherly endearment:
...That kinda cracked everyone up.
And even though we didn't spot the tiger, which is my brother Luke's very favorite animal, we did see the giraffe and ostrich. Julia about dropped over with excitement at the site of those.
And my sister and I liked the playful sea otters the most. We watched them through the glass as they wrestled in the water together. They were at a perfect height for where we were sitting in our double stroller. (The stroller that we got to get out of a few times this trip. That was a treat.) Since I have a thing for water, I could have watched them all afternoon. That is, until I needed to eat. I like to eat, and drink from my sippy. Especially on daddy's lap. See, that's me on the right:
And that's my sister, Norah. She got really upset when Mama left her side just to take this picture:
She is the biggest Mama's girl. Honestly! My parents say none of us other children have played favorites, except Norah. But my Mama doesn't really mind it, unless she's trying to stir boiling macaroni noodles or clean up shattered RedHot spills.
Speaking of my Mama. Here she is. This is the only picture of her from our trip. Julia took it while Mama was trying to keep me from pushing the stroller into the fountain. She doesn't want you to click in on the picture. And when Mama says something, you obey.
These two make me laugh. And I laugh hard. I mean, just look at them. My brother Luke almost put his head in that there fountain behind them. My parents noticed just in time. He changed his mind really quickly.

And there you have it. A snippet of our day away. Now if you'll excuse me...


Following Him said...

LOVED the story tell your mama that I will not click on the picture and enlarge it...ok?! Glad you guys had a great time at the zoo :)

amanda said...

lovely story. and i really didn't click on the picture. but i may now. :0)

amanda said...

so i did click on it. and it won't enlarge. so i guess you're safe. i mean your mommy is safe. :0)

Jessie's Girls said...

I dunno, Mr. Marvelous seems to be taunting me to "Just Do It".

Lisa H said...

Great pictures...looks like a super fun day! :)

Pam said...

What a great narrative, Hazel! I just loved it. It's always interesting to get a child's perspective on an outing, don't ya think? I mean, that outing was all for the kids anyway, right!

Glad y'all had a great time looking at the animals. Tell Luke, better luck next time on seeing that tiger. I'm sure he was just taking a nap somewhere and didn't realize you guys were there. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Oh i love that post! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day :) so adorable!

mrs boo radley said...


Tell yo' mama that I, too, deliberately disobeyed her and clicked on the picture. She must be pleased to know it's unclickable.


mrs boo radley

p.s. Remember me? I met you once. You were kinda sleepy though. And soft and squishy and incredibly cute.

Goldylocks said...

What a great post!! Adorable!!!

Tanya said...

Love the pic of brotherly endearment! That's so cute!

Leslie said...

such a cute post! and your kids are I mean CUTE!!! I seem to notice little boys more (I avoid looking at girls too long or I will want another) and your Luke is just adorable. hope you are enjoying your summer so far!!