Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday before we leave for the slopes

Top of the Not Me! mid afternoon to you!

Would someone please tell me why it's so rejuvinating to post things that didn't happen to my family and I--but really did happen to us--for the world to see? And why is it even more rejuvinating to read about everyone else's Not Me! scenarios over at My Charming Kids?

I haven't put my finger on it, but it's positively great fun.

Like the kind of fun I have with these two little girls:


I know a while back, I proclaimed that a 15 month old was at the cutest, sweetest, most fun age ever--and before that I thought 12 month olds were--but holy 19-month-old-bundles-of-bliss! I have not been totally smitten as a kitten with our twins, Norah & Hazel. And I do not immediately turn into "goofball mama" when they're in the room--rolling around on the floor with them while sneaking hundreds of kisses.

And this morning, after dropping Julia off at preschool, I announced that we'd be going home to play instead of infecting other children with what we have while out and about. And by "play," I most certainly did not mean haul my sewing machine up to the loft, then take pretend sips of the children's imaginary drinks made for me, while sewing this fufu coffee sleeve:

I did not plop my machine right down on the floor--completely skipping the whole table idea--and proceed to sew a hot pink lined, faux fur beauty for my girly girl girlfriend right there in the middle of our children's play area. I'll say it again, "Coffee not cool!" And I wouldn't allow our domestic diva, Norah, to sit on the floor between me and the machine to watch a needle bob up and down either. Nope.

And I did not see this again, after pulling our bedroom curtains the other morning: Because, you know, we live right in town, a hill away from stores like TJMaxx and ANYTIME fitness. And that would be ridiculous to see flocks of these things wandering around our place day after day. And I promise, thoughts of rifles and purchasing an extra freezer never crossed through my mind. Not once.


Aimee' said...

Your baby girls are sooo adorable!! I just wanna squeeze em! Not in a bad way...=) I also looove your coffee sleeves!! I wish I knew how to sew!

Keyona said...

I love those pictures. Too cute!

Stephanie said...

Your girls are the cutest things ever!!!!!

I heart those coffee sleeves :)

Pam said...

MY, you are brave! A 19 month old between you and the machine. Nice work.

Laughing so hard at the thought of you with a rifle and a full freezer of turkey.

Love the pictures of the twins!

Have a great week,

Following Him said...

You've done it again Tiff. GREAT NMM post!

Ashley said...

Great post, I love your polka dot sleeve... so cute!

amanda said...

love the post. wish i drank something that needed a sleeve because that is super cute...almost makes me wanna give coffee a

Anonymous said...

Loooooove the bows and side ponies and stripey sweatshirt tops!!! I love 15 months, too, except for the tantrums!!! Your pretty little girls don't do that, do they? Did you have fun on the slopes?

mrs boo radley said...

Mmm. Wild poultry. Seriously...sign me up for a bird or ten.

Lisa H said...

Love the cute coffee sleeve--very fun!

Your sweet girls + cute little bows = adorable! Love it!

Lisa H said...

And it cracks me up that they both have their tongues sticking out for their pictures! :)

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Adorable pictures of your girls!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Your girls are so cute! My Emma is 16 months old. I don't want her to get any older, she's so sweet right now!
Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

gina said...

Oh my gosh- baby pigtails! How adorable!!! 19 months IS a super fun age!!! Of course, I saay that about every age too, but there is always something new to fall in love with. :)_

THAT coffee sleeve is FABULOUS!! And I don't even drink coffee, but I would buy one and walk around carrying it if I had that sleeve. ;)

So on to

Oh no it did NOT take hubby 12 hours to get door to door from FL to here yesterday, a trip that should take 5 hours door to door. And no his idea of souveniers for the girls was NOT a pile of books from a Borders down there. And they didn't proclaim them the best goodies EVER. And oh, no hubby did not get food poisoning from the stomboli he ate last night at the airport and spend all morning getting sick. THAT wouldn't be fun.