Monday, February 16, 2009

That's amore!

Our Valentine's day was full of lovely things.

A date out with my lovey Mr. Marvelous, a stop for sushi appetizers, enjoying life with my sister-in-law down there on the left (a sweetheart who was plucked right from a peach tree):

..and youngest brother, reservations at a swanky, Zebra-print-dress-appropriate restaurant, a kind couple who offered us the rest of their wine before they left, our kind gesture of offering said bottle to the neighbor table next to us before we left (because we had ours to finish), jazz music, plates of seared tuna, maple cranberry chicken, filet mignon, and cheeseburgers with fries--my little brother cracks me up--and fragrant roses for the ladies.

It was amore all night long.

What lovely things did you delight in over the weekend?


Sarah said...

My sweetheart and I played cards all night long.

It was amore, too.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

you look so beautiful! Love the necklace!

glad you had a great time!


Pam said...

Absolutely nothing like that. I'm pretty envious right now!

Looks and sounds like you two beauties had a wonderful night out on the town with your hubbies. Lucky ducks!

mrs boo radley said...

Stayed in.

Raw fish.

Mousse pie.

Stared at each other.

It was lovely!

Anonymous said...

You look great Tiff:) Love the dress!!!

Steve and I had to celebrate during the day because he had to work that night. So I made enchiladas, bean dip and can't forget about the Zebra cookies:)


Following Him said...

I did not celebrate, but I did watch a Walk to Remember in bed and enjoy my weekend too :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Home all alone with the hubby, kids at grandma's over night, bottle of wine, movie on the couch. It was lovely. You look great and I love your zebra print!


Go a homemade card (with the sweetest message)from him on Wed. because he was so excited he couldn't wait until Sat. Tana

~*Michelle*~ said...

You look MAH-VE-LOUS Dah-ling! So pretty!

J had to work....blech. Why is it so important to have a roof over your head and food in the fridge, anyway?

I am not a chick flick mama.....but did enjoy watching PS I Love You with my mother in law on Sat. night

J promises to have a make up date this weekend coming up. ;)


Aimee' said...

Oh, I love your Zebra print dress! I love everything Zebra! =) Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want to pay $10 shipping for bath bombs! HaHa

Angela said...

Cute dress!! And- wow- I'm impressed... you pulled that off in mid-February in the tundra that we live in... nice!

We had a fun Valentines Day... fun, mostly cause we actually got to go out on a date... dinner AND (GASP!) a movie. Too good to be true.

Jessica said...

So I randomly found your blog through MckMama's twitter. Skim through a bunch of posts until I get to this one and realize the picture of you and your sister-in-law just happens to be my super best friend from high school! So glad you get to enjoy her too!
Hope you're having a fabulous time away from the tundra!