Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I'll be honest.

I had no intention to write a Not Me! post this week. And that's for real. [gasp]

I was going to take a break, sit back and enjoy reading a few other hypothetical, jawdropping stories, and dunk Oreos while I Facebooked my MIL. (She joined 2 days ago and I know she'd like a few comments on her wall.)

But then MckMama went and threatened she'd never link to me again if I backed out this week posted about how this week, all Not Me! postees earn a chance to win a fabulous 7 day vacation to the exotic island of Bora Bora! Hooray, I'm in!

Oh, dear. That's not right either.

What I'm trying to say is, well, click on over to My Charming Kids and you'll see what I'm trying to say.

Onward and upward!

The other day, when I put Luke out here again, to burn off his 2 year old energy:

I did not catch him in the most bizarre postion and think, "Hmm, that really does look relaxing."

And I didn't ask questions. So your guess is as good as mine.

And I do not have to get this off of my chest. So here it goes.

You see, I've been repurposing the closet that's under our stairs in our basement. We used to store our 14 foot, artificial Christmas tree, along with other Christmas decorations in there, but right now I'm in the middle of turning it into the Imagination Hideaway Station for our children. (Who am I kidding? It's for me, too!) And while I was painting all of the walls and the ceiling a Muddy Blueberry Blue, I did not dribble paint across our 2 year old, cream carpet as I walked through to our storage room for more paint. No I did not!

But if someone did do something of the sorts, I'm sure they'd spend a lot of time scrubbing to get the darn dribble spots out. They'd have most certainly learned their lesson. I bet they wouldn't dribble again--for example--like if they were painting a Featherstone Grey diamond atop their blue. Because you know, I'm sure they'd close their eyes and pray--before they even started--that they wouldn't drip. And I bet they wouldn't.



mrs boo radley said...

Love Luke's backbend. Those toddler-in-the-snow-on-the-deck pics are fabulous.

Praying for minimal drippage. From my nose and your paint brush.

amanda said...

lol. that hide-a-way sounds fun. can i come over too? :0)

Aimee' said...

The Mr.Clean Magic Eraser "erased" my pink paint dribble from our brand spankin new cream colored carpet this past summer...and quick enough that my hubs didn't see me do it. ;)

Lisa H said...

That is so sad! Did you get all the paint out? I mean,, if this had actually happened? ;)

lori said...

paint problems...never happen here! hubs did not go out and buy this big fancy carpet cleaner 7 yrs ago when he dumped a quart of yellow paint on the carpet in the nursery! cause if he did, he's realize it didn't work so much! but then we'd have ourselves our own carpet cleaner...curse!

Heather said...

The hideaway station sounds like loads of fun!

Following Him said...

Luke outside cracks me up :) That sure is a bunch of snow. The hideaway sounds fun too.

Jane Anne said...

I am so glad that you played along! I wouldn't have wanted to miss that photo of your son. And, it's just hilarious to me that you thought it looked relaxing. It must have been one of those days, huh?

Pam said...

Great pictures!

I think I might have attempted to save myself some time and frustration and just snipped those carpet fibers dribbled with paint. I bet my husband wouldn't even have noticed either.

Have a great week,

~*Michelle*~ said...

oh we used to have a hideaway cubby.....the kids called it the "Harry Potter HideOut". It was under our stairs...just make sure if it is strictly for the kids, you check it often for funky smells or penicillin like mold growing on plates. Not that I ever found anything of the sorts at our place.

Threeundertwo said...

So is the hideaway station a place to get away from the kids?

Sorry about the drips that you didn't actually make!

Impressed with the junior pilates!