Friday, August 29, 2008

For the record...

Last night, for the very first time, Hazel vomitted all over herself, her sister, and their crib. A couple of hours after Mr. Marvelous put them to bed, I went in to get something. I found Hazel sound asleep in it and Norah laughing at me while she sat in it. I know it was because we overfed her Hawaiian Chicken for supper. Oh, Little honey with a little tummy.

The Mothers of Mulitples group that I am a part of is getting ready to hold their fall garage sale. For the first time, I'll be getting rid of ALL our baby clothes. You can imagine how that makes me feel. No, not happy!

I bought a multi-colored gumball'ish type choker last weekend and I love looking at it.

I feel like I can still smell what I cleaned up last night in the girls' room. I even threw away a pair of pajamas, a sheet and a thick blanket.

It's date night tonight. I love date night. We're going to the movie Traitor. We'll probably even hold hands.

Yesterday, Mr. Marvelous brought home flowers for me with a plead for a truce. It worked.

This morning I bought a pair of jeans online for the first time. I'm so excited to get them. Only 3-10 days.

I'm researching backpacks for Julia. Who, by the way, had a great time at Meet the Teacher yesterday. All the while I was imagining it being me in her shoes. I would be so, so excited too. But the backpacks...does anyone have some burning suggestions for an adorable pack online? If it were up to me, I'd tell Northface or Mountain Hardware to quick whip up a cute little girl pack. Now, why haven't they done that yet?

And finally, you thought I was kidding when I said I had some car seat haters. Or maybe you thought I was a little on the slight exaggeration side. Well, last weekend, the children and I went back home for a funeral. Come with me now. May you witness a clip as we're nearing the end of our 74 mile drive on the return route. Also, take note of the conversation between the big children in the back. My, how a "Juju's touching me" situation can turn to an "I love you" situation so quickly.

This one really wasn't that bad...once I put the earplugs in.


Holly said...

I can certainly imagine that getting rid of baby clothes would make you not happy! Even though I just had my third (and my oldest is 26 months), I can't imagine being "done". I had an amazing birth experience and I'm just wanting to do it all over again (but not now!!). I do not want to have 10 children, as my mother did, but I don't want to think about being "done" (I don't know why I feel I have to put "done" in quotations). I think I'll just shoot for a longer than 13 month break between babies for starters. Have fun on your date (and I hope your jeans are everything you dream them to be).

Angela said...

Okay- wait a minute- I'm scared. Are you driving AND videotaping!??!? Hello!! :)
Man- as a mother of multiples, you really CAN multitask- can't you!??!

Lori said... little one has a lands end one, and the reason is because they make the smaller ones! They have a great selection and they fit their small frame perfectly! She used it in K and it is still in perfect condition for 1st this year!

I love love love date night too...have fun!

4 Little Men and Twins said...

Ewww on the vomit

yeah on the jeans and necklace

oh.... car rides aren't they joyful!

and selling clothes... maybe i'll buy them? :)


Kristi said...

What a GREAT video!!! just gotta capture those "good" moments sometimes, don't you? ARE a talented, driving-while-video-taping Mom!!!

Sorry about all of the vomit. Yeah, the smell of that stuff does stay with you for a while! Hope that everyone is doing better!

Kathy said...

I love that you the have a post about vomit AND date night :)

4, 3 and under = pure awesomeness!

You have a beautiful family!

Thanks for your kinds words and for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved the video! And I hate vomit. I have some car seat haters from time to time, too:)

Met with your friend Nicole VP today, did you know!?

gina* said...

OUCH! I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I have to post my video proof (taken by my oldest) that they don't outgrow it even when they hit booster seats and 6 years of age! Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure.

And if it makes you feel any better- I overfed Shaye icecream and pops(she has strep) w/o facotring in a stomach upset by antibiotics- so I was cleaning a volcano of vomit myself yesterday. sigh.

Good thing they are so cute and lovable, eh?

Lisa H said...

This post just cracked me up! I think because I can SO relate to all of your situations--with the exception of only having ONE car seat hater at a time, of course! :)

We sold all of our baby clothes in a garage sale this spring. It was V E R Y hard for me too. Hopefully you will have some fun with it and bless some other families too!

I love that I am not the only mom who over-feeds her baby. My daughter doesn't seem to know when she is full and often (when I'm not fully paying attention!) eats enough to throw it up later. So lovely, eh?

Have a fun date night with Mr Marvelous! :)

l e a h said...

You should really hang on to those baby never know...12 years later you might want to have some more little ones so your teenage daughters can have someone to dress up.


Lisa said...

I had the same thought as Angela. You really are superwoman. It is so easy to laugh at that when it is not your kids. :-) I like the I love you comments. I was mean as a snake fussing at my kids to get in the car tonight when one of them started talking about how much he loved me and it was as much as God...blah blah blah. Now how am I supposed to yell when he is saying that?

Collegegirl said...

What fun car rides are with them :) Hope the earplugs worked;) As for the vomit, yuck, yuck, yuck!
Have a great weekend!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I love your description of baby vomit. Too funny. Poor little girl. Car seat haters. Tee hee.
How was date night?
Selling the clothes. Sad. I know the feeling. So you are done?
I just need to say that your little Luke is ADORABLE in his little cap and sporting his clubs. What a cutie patootie.

Annika said...

I can handle a lot of things, but vomit makes me vomit! I hope she is feeling better! Where did you get your jeans? I hope you like them!

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