Friday, August 22, 2008

private pow-wow

It was a Grocery Gala Girls morning.

With Julia getting big and all, I decided we would make a visit to one of my favorite places in our neck of the woods--our local grocer/childcare drop. I know, I's something every town should have. A grocery store with a childcare drop right inside the doors. And, I know, I know, I'm apologizing now if you don't.

So the plan went like this: drop the 3 littles with dear sweet Maria, permit Julia to be the sole mini-Grocery Cart Captain, gather just a few needed items into our mini-cart, and meet at a table in the deli for our first private pow-wow.

She's "almost 4," you know.

And she's "starting preschool so so soon," you know.

So we sat across from eachother, her grocery cart parked perfectly parallel to her spot in our booth, sipped on a Snapple Lemonade and munched on the box of Animal Crackers that the cashier gifted Julia for cute, I assume. And for the next 45 minutes we chatted about the finer things in life. The really important notions that almost 4-year-olds think about.

Things like: do I think there will be children in her class that will try to get her to make the wrong choice, will we drop her off at preschool and then leave her there...because that's what she was hoping for, how was Jesus happy and sad, at the same time, while he died on the cross for us, and when she's big enough to drive a car, do I think she could drive Lauren, her cousin, to church some day?

Like I said, the finer things in life.

That girl. She's my favorite. Favorite big girl.


Annika said...

No way! A grocery store with sitting? However did you get so lucky, and wherever do you live? I might move just for that perk!!! Sounds like you had a great mommy/daughter chat. Annika

Lisa H said...

That is so very sweet! What a special time with your oldest! :)

Carol said...

Oh what a special time. Cute!

A creche at the supermarket? Genius! That would make my life a trillion times more enjoyable on those dreaded supermarket trips.

Collegegirl said...

What a great idea on 2 counts. Childcare and an almost four year old chat. Genius!

Kristi said...

I just LOVE those one-on-one chats! What precious, concentrated time is so needed with each of our kids, isn't it??

I love your heart for your kids, Tiffany! :-)

l e a h said...

What a sweetpea.

Kristin said...


Thanks for your comment! Yes, we had a similar spring as you and an always too-fast summer. You guessed correctly, I am a high school English teacher. Are you a teacher as well? My boys are 5 and 2; I really don't know how you do it with four children that little! My hat is waaayyy off to you!

BTW, when I was little, I used to name all of my dolls Isabella and Tiffany. I told my mom they were the most beautiful names in the world. :)

Jessica said...

Mommy - daughter dates are the best! She (and you of course) will always cherish those times!