Monday, August 18, 2008

Favorite Post P-style

Last weekend Mr. Marvelous and I traveled with our 4under3--carseat haters and all--to our home town. My paternal Grandmother turned 92 and there was a big party to be had. Forty three of us arrived at Grandma's farm, some from CO, FL, SD, MN, and WI.

I love myself a good reunion. Especially when it includes...well, family!

Activities on the schedule (that I was asked to help organize of course, since I love games) ranged from a bunch of water balloon tosses to the Ladderball Tournament, the Badminton games to karoke, and slip-n-slides to pool splashin'. Not to mention the 3 Legged Race and Egg and Spoon Obstical Course that we didn't even get to.

I love my extended family. I have so many great memories of family parties that still prance around in my head from when I was a young child. Even though we've all ended up sprinkled across the US, everyone still makes it back to the farm to reunite.
With this being said and to celebrate my Grandma's 92 years of life, I've put together another Favorite Post-P style. (Do you remember my Favorite Post-Plan B?)

Again, in no Particular order.

With no specific reasoning in Proceeding to share them with you.

Just to Pass on a Portion of my life.

We'll start off with: Parties...surprise parties at that,
Pretty Paper...and fabric, the Pre-K years, Pumpkin Muffins, matching Punky cousin mohawks, the color Pink, lap swim in & Pools to splash around in, walks to the Park, Porches...moreso front porches with a swing, Playing with the brightness & contrasts of my Photos, Plucking apples from the tree, Polkadots, snap Peas, the Psalms..especially 139, any Pancakes..but banana are Preferred, Playin' footsie with Mr. Marvelous, Pie...I lean towards the fruit filled, Parfaits, Perfume of a light light flower sort, the Peace and quiet of naptime, Pink Lemonade, to People watch, to Pinch Mr. Marvelous' bottom ;), People that are Polite, and the Power of Prayer.
There. That about does it. Every single P-love. That is, unless I've forgotten a Particular one.

Ponder your P-loves. I'd love to Pull together a Parade of them.

Pretty Please.


Amy said...

Perusing a Pumpkin (punkin) Patch!

Lisa H said...

Pleasures is my favorite perfume! :)

Lisa said...

car seat haters...I am still laughing at that...

Angela said...

Piano, Pickels, Pineapple, Psalms, the Passion, People magazine, Perusing Target, oh- and lest I forget Pchocolate (the p is silent ;)

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Playing with my children, Pleasing people, Politeness, Political Discussions, Parades, Photography, Porches, Peace of night, Playful laughter..and yes pchocolate is agreat one =)

l e a h said...

picking berries
Peyton, my godchild
Poisonwood Bible
playing piano
Peter Rabbit
Peter Gabriel

Holly said...

Picking blueberries, Playing Piano, Pomegranates, Prokofiev, Puckering up (for my man!), Penning, Pumpernickel bread, Pasties, Periwinkle on Eliza, Petting Pooches, Pooh and Piglet (the classic edition).

Stephanie Balvin said...

I know our district is still hiring to start next week. You should come join me- just like old times, but way better!!!! :)