Wednesday, August 13, 2008

relative tears for the emotional type

So I cried the other day--hard!

These tears were similar to the ones that make themselves known right as SCC's Cinderella song begins to drift out of the radio. They quite possibly are distant relative tears to the ones that appear towards the end of The Notebook too. I wouldn't say I'm the emotional ty--ok, maybe I would. But not about everything. Just certain things. And, especially when it comes to our 4under3.

I had just finished tucking and kissing the last of them in their beds for naps, I had the mail under my arm, and good grasp on my cell and a tall glass of agua con lemon. As I was making myself comfortable in a chair out on our deck, I started opening what appeared to be a package from the preschool Julia will be attending for the very.first.time this fall.

Ya know, we debated even sending her, Darn it! While Mr. Marvelous and I are both proud of our Elementary degrees, he specifically in middle school history and I in Early Childhood, we are confident we'd continue to do a fine job "teaching" her at home. But, the girl is in love with school...or the thought of it. School buses, playgrounds, backpacks, teachers--they're all on her mind, most all of the time.

So here I am, sobbing over the Release Form while molded memories of her flash through my head. Things like the day she was born, the day she said "purple," her first word, in the bathtub, the day she fell and chipped her front tooth while trying to perfect her new walking skills, and the day after we moved and she no longer shared a bedroom with her little brother, she was found snuggled up next to him in his crib--in his room--while he slept peacefully and was nonethewiser.

I'm telling you. This girl is my favorite.
Favorite big girl, that is. Luke is my favorite little guy, and the girls are my favorite little girls, of course. They're all my favorites, I guess. And that's what I tell them.

And I hope that's what Julia's teacher thinks of her. That wouldn't be too much to ask of Mrs. M at Meet the Teacher night, do you think?


Lisa H said...

That's not too much to ask at all! :)

I hope that Julia finds preschool to be all that her heart desires!

Amy said...

I completely echo all you've said. I had a super hard time the first day of preschool. And took early morning video of her donned in backpack & braids.

And funny that you mentioned SCC, I literally posted about him (w/ a link to an interview) about an hour ago.
I've been weepy all afternoon.

Keep us posted on MTTnight...
and I have no doubt,
she'll be the fav.

AMANDA said...

I hate to tell you this, but it doesn't get any easier. My oldest is starting 5th grade in one week and I tear up at the thought of it. They will always be our babies, no matter how old or big they get.

l e a h said...

My goodness, she is sweet. She'll love school and school will love her.

Michelle said...

Tiff: I regret to tell you that these tears for your precious little grown-up Julia are only the first of many to come for all 4under3. I wish it were not so - but wait, maybe I don't wish that. If we didn't love them SO MUCH and have a heart full and overflowing of blessings in our kids, we wouldn't cry at these milestones in their on third thought I think it's great that our hearts are full and we can release some of those emotions in tears! God is good to us!

gina said...

Oh she's darling and every year, with every child is just as hard. This year I am tearing up at the fact my oldest girl is going to be a FRESHMAN in HS! my Brielle-bug is going into 6th grade (how can that be, I remember when she was seven like it was yesterday), Shaye is a first-grader! First grader, that's a school girl! And Mackie has been bumped from two little ol' mornings a week to three afternoons- sigh- it's hard every year. Let me pull up a chair and share a box of tissues with you. :)

Holly said...

Recently my 12 year old nephew informed my sister that he had discovered armpit hair. This also was an occasion for tears. Poor Preston could not understand why this was such somber news.

Ehlan said...

I don't think it's too much to ask. Don't we all expect that of our children's caregivers/teachers? I mean, I know Olivia is their favorite! ;)

donnie.duntley said...

That's cute that they're all your favorite. I tell both of the boys that they're my favorite. Andrea thinks it's silly to have more than one favorite, but I disagree.

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Keep your kleenex handy over the next decade or so because the tears will continue. It's so hard to think that 2 of my children will be gone all day from me and little man will be here with mama for only one more year before I'm truly abandoned. :(
I'm sure Mrs. M will love Julia. She's quite a sweetheart!

Angela said...

Oh my gosh... with a face like hers- how could she not be the favorite?? I love that picture!

Kristi said...

Oh, Tiffany...I SOOOOOOOOO feel your tears and your pain!!

After homeschooling our oldest for two years, and after MUCH prayer, we have decided this year to send her to school. And, it starts in four days...and I KNOW that I will be one of the only 2nd grade moms CRYING on that first day!!!

Mackenzie too has been obsessed with school...the thought of it and the experience of it. She is tickled pink to be starting as well!

But, these changes so are hard on the Mommy. I am in process of writing a little post on that as well...

It is so bitter-sweet to see our kids grow up...but, why does it have to go so FAST???

Hang in there, my friend!