Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wild Q & A [Chapter 5] Series 1 Finale

For you, the final chapter of the first Wild Things series. (Written practically from memory the second time because Blogger--teamed up with my internet connection--forgot it was my Birthday tomorrow and ate my entire first copy the moment I hit the publish button.)

Do you all feel as though you could move in next door, join me with a glass of Simply Orange on my deck each morning, but have nothing more to talk about? Or much more to talk about? Either way, the view is great out there, the morning doves would be sure to serenade us, and we'd be able to chat--or sit in silence--as God flings himself across the sky creating that particular morning's radiant sunrise. Speaking of God and his magnificence, I come to you responding to the last question from your list.

Q: How are you so encouraged and positive about life?

A: If I may, I'll explain it like this.

We cannot see the wind, but we can feel the effects of the wind.

I love that illustration! John 3:8 addresses this simple principle as Jesus attempts to clarify for Nicodemus the necessity of restoration. And while I sit here counting God's many effects on my life, I'm brought to my knees with a heart full of gratitude. Although I've never actually seen God, I feel Him in the husband He's given me, children He's loan me, family He's put me in, friends He's sent me, neighbors He's placed me next to, direction He's ushered me in, and the list goes on. For sure, all these things have not happened by just a crazy twist of fate. And, I know that I am certainly not worthy of these overflowing gifts my gracious God has given me. I was also born a sinner and fall each and every day. And yet, realizing exactly that is the simple reason why I know that I need Him--need to feel Him--more than anything.

Being a child who was raised in a christian family, I was taught of God's unfailing love. As a 4 year old, I said my version of the Salvation speech, with my mom kneeled next to me, while sitting on the potty. I went to church on Sundays and Wednesdays, prayed before meals and bedtime, and tried to obey because I knew what was best. And, while 29 years ago tomorrow was the beginning of my life; it wasn't until college that I surrendered my all, admitted my weakness without Him, and was born again, that I actually started to live. That is when I began to live anew, leaving behind my old life that had little purpose and beginning a renewed life of relationship and reliance in Jesus.

Fancied Clipboards, fun summer skirts, and my latest crafted item stand no chance in gaining more excitement than a conversation with my God. And, as I've continued to grow my relationship with God, I've learned how much He adores me. (Have you read this? It's my very favorite chapter in all of the Bible--specifically verses 15&16) He always leaves me in awe of His splendor. By continuing to know God more, my love for Him and this wonderful life He's given me continues to amplify also.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I'm sure I'll be awaken extra early tomorrow morning with a Birthday Breakfast platter laid atop my lap. I bet it has a pile of Coconut pancakes or maybe Strawberry Crepes stacked next to some crispy bacon strips, along with a heapy spoonful of blueberries and raspberries, not to mention a large glass of OPH's pulpy orange juice. Oh yum! And, I'm thinking my husband must have hid all those necessary ingredients away somewhere to really surprise me. ;)


AMANDA said...

That was beautiful! When I saw that question, I got chills, because I knew God was asking you to tell us your story.

Lisa H said...

I'd love to join you on your deck with a glass of juice...and have much to talk about! :)

Great post--giving glory to God!

Hope you are enjoying a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen!! I mean, I "knew" this about you....and God...but how great of a blessing it was to read it!! So glad you shared!!

(Still thinking of coming next month? Not totally sure how we left it...but would LOVE it...and there would be lots of familiar [blog] for you to see, too!]

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I deleted your comment/email about your StatCounter question, so I forgot to respond! But now I remember, so I will try to remember to write you back this afternoon after we get back from the water park. Bye!!

Stacey said...


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Hoping you got that beautiful morning surprise breakfast!

Anonymous said...

After this one, not one but many tears came forth. The God you spoke of hand picked you as my daughter, how could I have been chosen to teach you and lead you to the Lord is truely a compliment from HIM!! I pray your day was beautiful!!

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with the Lord and your complete surrender of your heart to was great to read!!!

And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope that you have had a great day!

ccdean said...

Happy Birthday - Thank You for being so open about your faith and love for Jesus Christ. You are a blessing to me...thanks.
ps...Did you get your Strawberry Crepes????

Anonymous said...

A great way of putting it--flings Himself across the sky. I'd join you too for that glass of OJ.

Tina M.

Angela said...

This is absolutely beautiful. And inspiring. And encouraging. Thank you so much for writing this. This will stick with me!