Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An addiction to more than one thing

From the mouth of this little piggie, came the following conversation in the kitchen this morning after I returned from getting the little girls out of their crib.

Me: Julia, what are you drinking?
Julia: This is my reeeeally yummy chocolate milk.
Me: Julia, you need to ask before you go in the frig and make yourself some chocolate milk. (I sneak a peak of her 5:1 chocolate syrup/milk combo.) And, that's way too much chocolate syrup, honey.
Julia: Ok, mama. But I just loooove chocolate. I love it sooo much. I'm going to eat it every day.
(If you're not the chocolate type, go ahead and feast your eyes on Julia's apple and pear dress. For as much hard work as this fruity fabric entailed, she'll be wearing this until it falls off of her chocolate lovin' body. 'Cuz I'm addicted.)


Wendi said...

Awww!! If you aren't just the cutest family ever!!
So glad you came on over to my blog for a visit. :)
I am partially a part of the "mommy of twins" world... Our identical boys were born 15 weeks early and our J.D. only lived 10 days. K, our surviving twin, is now 5 and such a ray of sunshine in our lives. Since their birth We've added Jay, 3,and Noe, 17months. I'm 7 weeks preg. with another sweet bundle. Life is busy, but life is GOOD!!!
I love your blog!

just jamie said...

Smart cookie that Julia is.

And, are you saying you MADE that dress? As in with a needle and thread? I've heard about that sewing thing. You're amazing!

Collegegirl said...

What a smart cookie for a not even four year old!

Love the new dress that Julia has! Good job on making the dress! I am amazed!

Lisa H said...

You sew? How do you ever find the time???

Great job, by the way! It's an adorable dress! :)

Kristi said...

Sweet picture of the two of you!!!

Julia sounds like my Kylie...she LOVES chocolate SO very much too! So much that in fact, her favorite color is brown - for chocolate! :-)

Amanda said...

A girl after my own heart! Before I read this post, I was sitting on my couch WISHING I had an ounce of chocolate in my house. Funny this is, the only "chocolate" I have is Hershey's syrup, so I DID take a little taste. :) I LOVE chocolate. My maiden name was FUDGE, so it suited me perfectly. :)

I DO love her dress. It's absolutely adorable, and I agree, you should make her wear it until it falls off. :)

Auntie Coley said...

JuJu looks SOOOOOO big in this picture!!!! love the dress Tiff...you are quite the mom. miss you!!!


Kelly said...

My son would do the same thing. He is such a chocolate hound. He can smell it a mile away. Just like his mom.

Drea said...

i found u thru brittanys blog. i love ur pics! another great photography blog I see :-) cute kids 2!

Melissa said...

first thing i noticed was the dress - too cute!

maybe i would have liked my homemade clothes if they'd been that cute - good job :-)

Liz said...

I did notice the dress right away and said to myself "That is cute!" and then to find out you sewed it yourself?!?!? Amazing!!
Too funny about the chocolate milk too!