Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gotcha, Hazey! Finally.

It's almost.nearly.prettymuch impossible to get Hazel to sit still for more than .3 seconds. I have many photos of Norah gazing calmly at the camera, sometimes flashing the most precious smile for me. But the spunky little sister usually has no time for sitting still. That is, unless it's moments before her a.m or p.m. naps, or bedtime. Then she snuggles up in my arms like a tiny little bug in a rug. But, it's like--the moment I hold a camera in front of her one-week-shy-of-a-year-old face, she's bound and determined to grab it or run crawl away from it. I started feeling a little bad about it a while back, because I want to get the most equal amount of pictures of the girls. But today I figured out what I need to do different from now on.

Here's my scratch sheet for a success during next photo shoot.
  • Give the girl a twig to suck on.

  • Allow a random park boy to jump up and down behind me after he realized my goal in the matter.

  • Click away like a crazed Rodeo Drive photographer, while making goofball noises and praying she'll look my way.

  • Scan the park a few times during clicking process to locate older two children.

  • Laugh at the fact that her sister, Norah, is sitting next to her with a frozen pagent smile across her motionless face.

  • Scoop her up and smother her with kisses after attaining this photo shoot victory.


Andi said...

Definitely a successful picture! Count yourself lucky, though. Both of mine were like Hazel at that age. And pretty much still are! You should see us trying to get a "group shot!"

Ehlan said...

I think she looks just like her Daddy in that picture! Cute!

Lisa H said...

That is hilarious!

Love her outfit--and her adorable smile! :)