Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Q & A [Chapter 2]

Since I had a few questions about sewing, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to unveil my latest pieces of eye candy. Here are the girls in their birthday dresses that I made them for their big day.

These are pillowcase dresses. This style just might be the easiest style to make--ever. And if it's easy, I'll make it over and over. Just like the Robeez look-alike shoes that my friend Becky taught me to sew. I could sew 43 pair of them in a day. And they are so cute. However, Julia's Apple and Pear dress was not so easy. That might be the only one I ever make. Zippers, piping, pleats--they're time consuming, and since I'm a finished-product-encouraged-sewer, lots of time spent on one item doesn't constitute as fun in my sewing manual. After I think about it, I too, dislike following patterns. But, I do have a couple that I need to follow. However, these patterns are always SIMPLE. If it takes too much time to figure out, I'd probably skip on to something easier.

I started sewing just before Julia was born. My first project was the curtain in her nursery. Then my mom helped me with a crib sized quilt for Luke and a matching crib bumper, and now I'm enjoying clothing and accessories. Once again, I usually am found sewing during 1:30-3:30, while everyone is napping.

Q: How do you relax after spending time with crabby little ones?

A: Part of my strategy while I'm with my children is to keep them on their schedule and b.u.s.y. If they've had the right amount of sleep, their tummies are full, and they are busy (playing at the park, splashing in the sprinkler, riding in the stroller, etc.) they are generally in good spirits. If the 5-7 o'clock stretch ends up being a little hairy, I look forward to having my unwind time after the kids get put to bed. Some things you might find me doing are: blogging, reading*, scrapbooking, sewing, or watching HGTV or playing Ladderball with my husband.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?

  • Set my alarm for 6:45 or allow myself to sleep until Julia comes down around 7:00
  • Get everyone up to the table for breakfast by 7:15
  • Go for a walk around 8. (I LOVE early morning walks.)
  • Put the little girls down for nap around 9:15
  • Clean, play outside with J & L, pack lunch for park
  • Load J&L in car, get little girls up at 10:45'ish, load them in car, drive to a park for a picnic and play OR feed children in house, run errands, and go to park to play.
  • Home and children down for naps between 1:00. NO LATER THAN 1:30.
  • Unwind, relax, chill
  • Naps over around 4'ish, snack, play outside or in loft
  • Daddy home around 4:30. Play outside again.
  • Supper at 5:15'ish
  • Baths, play, kids to bed around 7:15'ish.
  • Relax, relax, bed around 10:45'ish.

Q: How do you include a link in your blog?

A: Highlight whatever word(s) you want to use as your clickpoint. Click on the "link" icon (the one that looks like a green globe holding a staple). Type in the link's address, and hit "Ok."

Only 5 more days of this. Man! What will I have left to say then?

*Books I'm reading now are:

Raising Sons and Loving it, Raising Children to Adore God, and Dancing Naked in Front of the Frig


Lisa H said...

This is FUN! It's like we're getting to know each other....or just like I'm getting to know you, anyway. :)

Just a few more days 'til your birthday! How will you celebrate the next few days?

Lisa H said...

I'm back with another do you make the robeez look alike shoes? I did a quick google-search for a pattern and came up with nothing. I'd love to try and make a pair for my little girl!

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Ok along with the shoes request I would LOVE to make some of the "pillow case dresses for my girls"...would you share that as well? I am a beginner and have only beenm sewing for about 3 years (but few and far between)...but I think that looks like I could do it!

Anonymous said...

The dresses are sSSsssooOOSOOooooo cute, Tiff. Of course, I expected no less, but man are they cute!!

Wow, what great sleepers you have! I thought I did, too, but if MckNugget sleeps until 4ish there is no way he can fall asleep if I put him down at 7ish. And J still naps!? Wow. Awesome!

Other than that, our days look similar...except we don't rise quite as early and, after M's morning nap, I load the kids up (in the same way you do, load big kids before waking/getting her) and we usually go to a beach/pool/waterpark. Oh, and my husband is not home at 4:30. Lucky!!! We cross our fingers for 6:30, but even then it is usually not until 7:30.

Anyway, fun to read. Looking forward to more!!


Jessica said...

Can we still ask questions? I asked Mck Mama about this too because I love hearing different thoughts and perspectives on it. Have you thought about school for your little ones? Public/private/homeschool? I was homeschooled for a few years (junior high) and my sister and brother were homeschooled for longer, but we all attended "regular" high school. What are your thoughts?

Stacey said...

I love the dresses! Great job!!!

MerrandaVK said...

Do your older children really sleep till 4? I am so jealous!!

xiomy said...

Do you go to the store by yourself with all the kids? If so how do you do it? Do you use a double stroller for the twins and the other little one walk with you or you do something else? I am asking because I have 4 under 2 for now after the summer it will be 4 under 3 and I am having a hard time trying to find a way to go places by myself with the kids. Right now I go to the store when my husband can either stay at home with half of the kids or we just all go together. But I would love to find an easy way for me to go with the kids to places while my husband is at work.