Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Q & A [Chapter 3]

(A wonderfully fun way to facilitate a Musical Chair Cupcake Walk. Have your grandmother-in-law bake the cupcakes, have your MIL bring the frostings and toppings so that the children may decorate their own cupcake when they win. I loved that idea! Here's Owen adorning his sweet treat, and Luke taking notes.)

Q: Did you ever teach elementary school? Do you think you will work when your kids get older?

A: I taught first grade right out of college. The school I was at was smack dab in a low income, inner city neighborhood. When I became pregnant with our first, I finished the year up, delivered Julia the following October, and subbed every Monday after she turned 6 months old until the summer. Then Luke came along, and then--well--the girls came along so I haven't taught since.

I do think I will find something to do outside of being a mom when my children are older. I'm not sure what that is right now, since I don't plan on returning to the teaching field. As much as I love the art of teaching, I've fulfilled my urgency to teach other people's children, and much rather prefer teaching my own--now that I have them.

Q: Has [your hair] always been cut in a cute (thanks!), short 'do, or have you had it longer?

A: I had long/color virgin hair (no bangs and a few inches past my shoulders) until my freshman year in college. That's when I started trimming it shorter, and shorter. And, that's when my friend, Moe, colored it a fabulous shade of bright gold in our dorm bathroom. Wow, we almost needed sunglasses to look at it for the first couple of weeks. Then, during my sophomore year, I had it chopped from a fun stacked bob to a short, funky spike. Since then I've toyed with growing it out and I've gone through some terrible inbetween stages, but now I am really happy with my soon to be inverted bob. And again, thanks for that, Love Mama.

Q: What do you think your children will be when they grow up?

A: Julia-Teacher, President of a company, Very good Mommy, Veterinarian

Luke-Pilot, Motorcyclist, American Idol winner of 2025, Architect

Norah-Massage Therapist, Opera Singer, Chef

Hazel-Comedian, Olympic sprinter, Proper Table Etiquette Instructor

Q: What will you be doing in the upcoming days to celebrate your birthday?

A: It all starts today. Julia's been at her grandmother's house since Saturday to attend VBS with her 4 year old cousin. Tonight we are going to their grand finale event. Tomorrow I leave with some friends from MOPS to our end of the year get-together held at the Lake. It's going to be a great overnight getaway that includes: fake eyelashes, a street dance, relaxing by the pool, and a breakfast buffet down river. As for my actual birthday...I'm not sure. I'll bet Mr. Marvelous has something up his sleeve. Maybe a surprise babysitter and an afternoon spent canoeing into the sunset.

Q: Robeez wannabe...pillowcase dress...[will you teach us how to sew]?

A: Yes, all you sewing machine stimulants!!! I think I'll start putting together a series entitled, "Sew you think you can stitch?" More to come on that.

Just 3 more posts about me and my wild self. I think that'll about wrap up the questions. Phew!! What did I get myself into?


Lisa H said...

Oh, I can't wait for "Sew you think you can stitch!" Sounds like fun! :) I really love the pillowcase dresses that you made for your girls--those look easy enough for me, even!

I did a similar thing with my hair--I cut it short after I graduated high school and I've sort of grown it out again and again over the years, but not really. I always end up with it short again. It's just too fun!

I love all the Q and A posts--these are really great!

Hope you have fun at the lake!

Lori said...

When do you find time to clean, do laundry, take a shower, etc?? And one more...Do you keep your kids in an area of the house (baby jail in the living room at my house), or is your entire house baby/child-proof? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Sara said...

Count me in for the Stitch class.

Ehlan said...

Sign me up for the class! :)