Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wild Q & A [Chapter 1]

It appears I have some curious minds walking with me today. Well, saddle up partners, because I have the keys to your curiosity ready-and-waiting. And, my-oh-my people, when I said your questions "must come out from hiding," I assumed your identity would come with it. Regardless, I'll let it be, anonymous or not, I'm glad your here. On to Q & A with Steven A. (Sorry, a bad ESPN joke that only a few of you will get.)
Here we go.

Q: Do twins run in your genes or did you pray specifically for them?
A: What a sweet way of putting it Carrie. Yes, we do have "fraternal" twins on both sides of our family. "Fraternal" meaning that 2 eggs dropped and were fertilized into 2 little honeybunches. My husband has b/g cousins and b/g half siblings. My paternal grandmother had 2 sets of twin siblings and my maternal grandmother had b/b uncles. However, multiples that are considered "fraternal" are the type that are hereditary. Our girls are "identical" meaning that one egg dropped and then--wallakazamm--decided to split right in half then become fertilized into 2 genetically indistinguishable honeybunches. This is considered a random phenomenon, [from a humorous God] and not determined by a familial tendency.

And besides the fact that we found out we were having twins at an emergency ultrasound that I was sure was going to show a miscarriage, it was a surprise that everything was alright, but not a surprise that it was us having twins. You see, the story is told that when I was 8 my mom was walking with me in the mall and I said, "Mom, God just said I'm going to have twins." Now I don't remember the incident, but my mom took it for what it was worth and has prayed for those "twins" ever since. (sigh*smile*)

Q: How did you choose the names for your children?

A: You have to understand, when I was old enough to know what a baby was and how to spell, I was laying out my family's names on paper. I loved signing my name with all SEVEN of my children after something like, "May you be blessed this Christmas season," or something of the sort. Then a friend from the town over had a friend whose name was Julia. Oh!!! How classic! How stunning! How lovely and exquisite! I knew right then. And my husband grew to love it just as much as I. Then while student teaching in a preschool classroom in college, I had the pleasure in working with a little dude named Luke. I was dating my husband at that time. I tell ya, this little guy looked just like what I imagined my husband looking like as a spunky little 3-year-old spitfire. And while it took some convincing, that Luke was as handsome of a name as Jackson, again daddy agreed it was perfect for our little guy. Then the girls came along and we knew we wanted to stick with the classical/timeless names to match their big sister. Norah and Hazel were 2 of our favorite 3 in the end.

Q: When do you blog and when do you sleep?

A: Oh, it's simple. I blog during one or both of these two time slots: 1:30-3:30(when all 4 children are napping and I've already finished picking up, I've possibly finished folding a few loads of laundry if it's Mon or Tues, and I've nothing to do) or after 7:15 when all the children are in bed and my husband and I haven't started a movie/project outside/bonfire.

And as far as sleep goes. I am the type that NEEDS my 7 hours--8 preferrably. I don't take naps anymore. I did religiously when I was pregnant with each of our children and until they were sleeping a good 8 hours through the night. So, it's usually 10:45-6:45 for me and my zzz's.
Speaking of pinking shears*, I'm off to plan for supper, and for the next chapter of Wild Things. Stay tuned!
*This chapter had nothing to do with pinking shears. I just love the sound of those two words.


Amy said...

HAPPY BDAY to the girls!!

And the cake turned out PERFECT!

jennyhendrickson said...

Any thoughts on what your children may be when they grow up?

4 Little Men & Twins said...

Oh fun.... someone else joins the Q&A's. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y working on another one.

is that the most common question you get with twins? i'm already getting it everytime someone hears it's twins. "do they run in your family?"

can't wait to hear more. :)


MCK Mama said...

WOW on the cake! And you were QUICK. I didn't even get a chance to ask my question yet and your round one is already up!

Anyway, here are the questions I was going to ask:

Do you plan to vote for Obama? Do your kids get spanked? Do you leave your kids in the car when you run in for a quick errand?

Just kidding on those. Really. Just thought if you wanted to comment nazis to be all over you like over on my blog, I'd give you some fodder to get you started:)

Really, here is my question:

You seem in a lot of ways to be like me, as far as parenting and the flow of the day: one part spontaneous and laid back and the other part structured and more rigid. My question is, to which way do you lean more?

Carrie B said...

Thank you for answering my question. You see, I have always wanted twins, but there are ZERO twins in either side of my family.

The story of your twins is beautiful. I love hearing that there is hope for me and my future twins (despite my gene pool) :)

Anonymous said...

So...any thoughts on if you really will have SEVEN kids names to spell out on your Christmas cards in the future?

Sounds like you are a great mom!

Julie Nixon

Blogger said...

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