Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Favorite Food List...for now.

Now that I got the kitchen remodel pictures off my chest posted for you patient readers, I feel so free. And alive. And like I'm that girl in the Herbal Essence commercial who squeals in the shower because the smell of her shampoo has put her over the edge.

And now that I've figured out how Twitter really works, I've read a bunch of messages--that I never even knew existed--from Twitter followers and wanted to bring to you a quick list of my current* favorite foods. Since that seems to be a popular request these days.

*Because I really do love most all foods, so here are the ones I love right now.

(Could you hold on, please? My 3yo son is getting out of bed for the 243rd time. And I'm about to tackle him down. Excuse me.)

Ok. Where was I? Oh yes.

Tiffany's Current Favorite Foods:

#1 Shredded BBQ Beef (Hands down Mr. Marvelous' and my favorite.)

A friend gave me this recipe almost 2 years ago and I just recently found an exact match online. Here's the link. Keep in mind, this freezes wonderfully. I have never made this without doubling it. If we're making it just for us, I freeze the other half for next time. And, I almost always make it when I need to take a meal to someone. They always love it. Whether it's on buns, baked potatoes, or in burritos, you MUST add shredded extra sharp cheddar and chopped red onion. Promise me you will?

#2 Oreos and a tall glass of milk

#3 Ceviche

While vacationing in the lovely Costa Rica, I fell in love with this tasty fish salsa. Man, my mouth waters just thinking about it. This is the recipe I used when I made it with Marlin awhile back. Gosh. Yum. That's all I can say.

#4 Broccoli Cole Slaw

The first time I had this salad was at my friend's cabin. Her mom made it. And, when I wanted to go back for 2nds it was gone. This makes a big bowl. If you need a salad for a potluck, this recipe is the perfect size. If it's to pair with your steaks and lemon drenched asparagus, you'll have extra. But fear not. You could eat it for lunch and supper the next day. I never get sick of this stuff. I add a handful of sesame seeds during the saute step.

#5 Homemade Chicken Pot pie

I found this recipe in my Betty Crocker Bridal Edition Cookbook. It's the cookbook I got as a wedding gift and it's one of my favorites. You can buy your own crusts if you want. I used to buy my own crusts. But after I used homemade crusts for those tantalizing Straw/Rhubarb pies from awhile back, I feel store bought crusts might be a thing of the past for me. But that's just me. You might have 14 children and need to cut your time spent cooking. (Can you imagine what 14 children would be like?)

#6 Dried Cherries to snack on from the Good Food Store

#7 Stuffed Cabbage, Oriental Style

I found this recipe in my new Nourishing Traditions book that a friend recommended I read. I got it from the library then bought it later. I love it that much. And, darn it, I can't find the exact recipe online. But it's so good. The filling itself, wow, I could eat it by the spoonfuls. And to be honest, I started typing it up for you, got distracted, my stomach started to growl, I grabbed myself a handful of sunflower seeds, then almonds, then dried cranberries, and when I got back to my laptop I was tired and missing my husband. So. I'm not sure what else to say about that.

And there you have it. Favorite foods. Do you have one? If you have a link to it, I'd love you to share.

Or cook it up and send a sample my way.


mrs boo radley said...


My fave foods are listed in the last question of my recent quiz post on my blog, and I'm busy crying sad tears because my friend Tiff is nowhere to be found in the comments section.

Anyway, of the multiple food choices listed there, only one is correct, but I have yet to finish my entire revelation/answer post and reveal which one it is because my right hand is numb from the hammer chop I did on the board we had to break for our blue belt test at Taekwondo tonight.

Smooches in the sky with broccoli slaw,

mizz boo rad

lori said...

broccoli slaw...i can seriously damage a bowl of it!
and trying the BBQ recipe soon!
ummm...where is the sushi on your list, you sushi lover!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Another Tiff fan *smacking lips* with that broccoli slaw....

thanks for hooking a sista up with that recipe....gonna try it this weekend.

Josh is gonna think he died and went to Heaven with a new and improved wife who can finally cook.

woot woot woot!

Stephanie said...

The broccoli cole slaw sounds wonderful...think I'll have to try that. Yummy!

amanda said...

i will be the first comment that states. i will not try or make or look at the broccoli cole slaw. i don't like the smell of broccoli. although i am guessing this broccoli isn't cooked. so maybed i'd look at it then. something about the smell and being puked on after someone had a jar of broccoli and something something baby food. blech.
i'm way too picky. i like plain stuff. my fav is cheesy hashbrowns. or hu hot. hu hot is super yummy. and hey, anytime i don't have to cook is better for me! does it count that i WATCH them cook it in front of me? that should be for something. or melting pot, at least i'm cooking it! lol.
glad you're all straight on twitter!! LOL. it's still making me giggle. okay i'm done writing you a novel. peace out.

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting the bbq recipe! Yum. I cant wait to try it out.

Mrs. Toro said...

The bbq recipe sounds awesome! I'll have to try it soon! My husband eats Oreos almost every night!! I wish I could! I looove the Oreo Fudgees...yum!