Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I'm joining the crowd today. You should too! My Charming Kids would welcome you with open arms.

But, I've decided that I'm letting it all out.

Not Me! Monday is here. I like to think of it as a witty way for me to loosen my mommy belt a notch and lay back and relax while confessing some things I'd rather not.

Like yesterday. Remember how I tweeted about our whereabouts? Well, Mr. Marvelous and I certainly did not devise a plan to find a sub to take my shift in the church nursery then skip our morning service--something we rarely, almost never, nearly ever, ever do--to head to the lake with our children. And there's no way I'd snap evidence of it, if we did.

And while at the pool, I did not skip the swim diaper step with this little girl:

...hoping that even though she hadn't had a dirty diaper yet, we'd still be in the clear. And I was not totally wrong. And I didn't have to sneak her in the pool room to clean up the mess before the other family, that was on the pool deck, noticed.

And, I did not praise Mr. Marvelous--as if I were praising one of our children--on eating a piece of his most disliked vegetable (the cauliflower) that I packed in his lunch last week. I'd never say something like, "Way to go, Honey! I knew you could do it." The fact that him and his BFF are at the start of a "Healthify Yourself/Weight Loss" challenge for the next 12 months has nothing to do with me. And I would never push off a lunch pail full of vegetables and a pita sandwich on a grown man. Never.
In closing, I do not have 3 baskets of clean clothes staring me down from the livingroom, and a bag of garbage waiting to be taken out.
And, I'm not wearing my favorite color. Again.


mrs boo radley said...

I want to go to the lake! But only with you. And only in sunshine.

Quiz question for you...where were you three months ago tonight?

Out into the sunshine I go (but with no lake)!


Foursons said...

Sometimes spending time with God is spending time in His creation-the lake. It's all OK!

Jessie's Girls said...


I feel the same way about my husband lately. Its very awkward trying to figure out how to commend them on weight loss progress without sounding patronizing.

~*Michelle*~ said...

I second the "get out of H-E-double hockey-sticks" free card with subbing out a morning of church with a day filled with family. Family time is very important to God.....I am sure Jesus took a quick bee-line to the Jordan instead of keeping His schedule once in a while to clear His head and just chill!

Anyway, my friend.....I just wanted to tell you....that I think you are a fabulous wife, mama and my kinda gal.



Your post cracked me up....I do the same thing with Jason eating his veggies...and whats better yet he works with his brother and his brother tells me if he doesn't eat his fruit I send with...Last Sunday we saw Julia, Lauren and your MIL at Perkins, looks like those two girls have fun together both in their little jean skirts...oh so CUTE! Tana