Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Two little girls,
dressed in two little, number 2 shirts,
who love to push two baby strollers around on the pavement of our driveway.

Two little honeys,
with two noses too cute not to nibble on,
have brought their two parents' hearts to overflowing.

Two little girls who are now two.


mrs boo radley said...

Two adorable.

Following Him said...

Two, Two cute!

Stephanie said...

They are adorable!!!!!! Happy birthday girls!

Amy said...

I bought some t-shirts from Resa at Christmas. . .and loved them! The girls look adorable in their "2" shirts!

Be Blessed,


Angela said...

Happy Birthday, babies! They are "TWO" cute! Seriously, Tiff- I cannot believe that I've been bloggy friends with you for that long- it seems like they were just little tiny babies... and now they are big 2 year olds!! Oh my.