Friday, July 3, 2009

Why the motion?

UPDATED: Well, the actual update is at the end.


Any ideas why, on a cloudy day at the lake, I loaded up our 4under3 and navigated down the river to the nearest town to take this picture yesterday morning?

Any thoughts on why in the world I would pull all four children out onto the cement--for approximately 3 teeny little minutes and for passerbyers to see--and make this parking lot our first stop in a journey that later included a podunk park that appeared older than the trees over it's head? A park whose rocks entertained the children more than anything.

You got any notions?

About our motion?

Here's the answer:

So, our reasoning behind stopping here is not that it was their first visit out of state. Nor was it that it was their first time purchasing fireworks. (However, we did visit one of those the next afternoon. I never thought to snap a picture of that.) But, Lori, you were right on. Slippery's restaurant was the 'Slippery's' in Grumpy Old Men. The actual movie was filmed in that very town. The children, however, could have cared less. They really just wanted more of those Sour Patch Kids I bribed them with before we got out of the car.


Lisa H said...

Is it cheating if I use twitter in my guess? :)

I think it's your children's first time in a neighboring state and you wanted to document it. Am I right?

~*Michelle*~ said...

Does it have anything to do with "Slippery's" in the background?

How about how Luke giving his sister a friendly arm twist? LOL It almost looks like Julia is telling him he isn't do it right!

I have no clue, obviously, but needed to comment on how stinkin' cute those kids are!!


Alicia O. & the gang said...

Is it a parking lot "fireworks" tent?

Lori said...

I know!! I know!! You guys are at Slippery's!!! The film location for Grumpy Old Men!! We like that area too!! Did you say HI to Jessica while you were in town?????

Lisa H said...

Well....I'm all out of ideas. What on earth were you guys doing??? :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

Hey! Hmmmmph~!

I mentioned Slippery's first! I just didn't know the corrolation with the Grumpy Old Men movie. Now I am grumpy. >:(

*arms crossed with a pout*

teasin....I could never get angry at ya. You are too cute.

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Well....uhh....Yeah! Sour patch kids!!! Who wouldn't be on thier best behavior with that promise looming over thier heads! Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Tiff--Tell me you weren't Wabasha this past weekend. We camped there Friday thru Sunday. We so could have met up!

Cousin Stacey from IA