Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another "thing." That makes 2 of us.

The following conversation unfolded as Julia and I were running back into the grocery store to pick up our cart of groceries*.

"Momma, that girl is wearing a dress with no tights under it.
(As I look, I see a lady in her young 30's who is clearly pregnant. She's wearing a long maternity shirt with pants--not tights--underneath.)

"Hon, that's not a dress. That's a shirt you wear when you have a baby in your tummy. She's pregnant, see?"

"Oh. Do you have a baby in your tummy?"
(Thanks for that..but, uh, no.)

"No. I don't. Why? Do you want me to have a baby in my tummy?"
(I assumed she would say no...being that we have babies, in many shapes and sizes, all over our house already.)


"Well, honey, we're done having babies."

"But I want to have THREE babies."

"We do have three babies...Luke, Norah and Hazel."

"NahAaa, Luke is not a baby. And Norah and Hazel are getting to be big girls."

What did I tell you? I'm not the only one noticing the "growing up" that's going on around here. And, I must not be the only one going through a "thing."

*No we didn't order our groceries online and were on our way to pick them up. We were on our second.trip.to.the.store because I forgot my wallet in the office and noticed riiiight about when I should have been handing over my card during checkout. Shoot.


Lori said...

I just put our (now 10 month old)twins to bed. Then I read this. Now I'm all choked up. They are getting too big. Too fast. Ugh.

Ehlan said...

Sounds like you need more babies! ;) And that is a "shoot"!

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

Sweet Julia!

Stephanie Balvin said...

Wait, call me slow, but are you saying that you are wanting another baby?

Anonymous said...

OH, that's so cute. Even if a bigger kid IS still a baby, it's difficult for other siblings (and even parents!) to truly view them as a "baby" once that baby has a younger sibling (or two!).

In my experience, this can have its perks and its drawbacks. In many ways, Cullen still "deserves" to be a baby, but in some ways, having a baby sister and having to grow up quicker in certain areas has been good for him.

When we told Kieran about our new baby, he was excited...but then concerned. "Is Maisie still a baby?" We assured him that, yes, indeed she was and that we would have TWO babies. This idea thrilled him. And I am sure he hasn't even remotely considered Cullen to be a baby in well over a year:)

Angela said...

I love it. Kids say the funniest things.

Leslie said...

Oh please have another. It would really make me feel better about being pregnant!
And I tried pulling off the tight look last week - afraid it just didn't work!

Lisa said...

Ohh, how sweet. My oldest tells me he wants the "next baby" to be a boy. What? I'm glad he would want another one whether we do or not.

I have had many panicked moments where I thought I didn't have my wallet. Shoot is right!

Amy said...

Sounds like a typical female baby-loving, God-given instinct.
Flynn is always ooh'ing & ahh'ing over babies.
I bet Julia is such a help!