Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That Speedy Grandpa

For some reason, Julia links slow walkers and grandparents together. If you're one, you must be the other.

"Grandma, why are you walking so slow today?" Or, "You're walking faster now, Grandma," are familiar comments heard by her great grandmothers while they're here. These speed related remarks don't surprise me anymore. I just know that she's paying very close attention to these special ladies in her life, and the rate at which they move is of an importance to her.

But today, while she was waiting in her carseat in the Walmart parking lot as I was unbuckling the younger three she said this..which did surprise me:

"Mom, do you see that grandpa over there?" Pointing to somewhere across the lot.

"No I don't hon." I continued strapping Luke into the front of the double stroller.

"MOM! LOOK! He's over there. He's not walking slow. He's walking reeeeeally fast. He's Not Old Yet!"

Well, fabulous! It's nice to know that as long as I keep my speed up, I'll never grow old.


Ehlan said...

That is an adorable picture of Julia!

Amy said...

I echo Ehlan -- she looks cute, cute, cute!!

Angela said...

Can I just say- that little girl is your mini-me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew there was SUCH an easy way to stay ageless! I gotta get me some new walkin' shoes and get hoppin'!!

And, yes, that IS an ADORABLE photo of the little walk-watcher. CUTE!!!