Tuesday, April 1, 2008

warm and well-lit area

This is what we did yesterday, right after I shoveled the ice from our driveway, hoping to eliminate additional spills from the little people. I know the winter coats, hats, and snow throw things off a little, but gol-darn-it, it's Spring, lets start acting like it.

And, don't worry, these tomatoes and mixed peppers are safe in a "warm and well-lit area" within our house. They won't see solid ground since the kids and I are Container Gardening on our deck this year. I have not even a slight tint of green on either thumb so I thought we'd start small. That, and I'm not interested in making any friends with bambi and her family.


Angela said...

I need to do that!! Another friend of mine just posted pictures of thier little seedlings on her blog - (Our Four Little Monkeys) -

I can never seem to get anything to grow, though!!

Anonymous said...

That's so great you guys are hitting the ground running this "spring."

I am lovin' Luke's face as he gets down and dirty.

My thumb also equals not very green, but we do a garden some years and sometimes stuff grows, so I am living proof that anyone can do it!

With the early start you guys have, you'll be making your own salsa in no time! If I bring the chips, can we come over?

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Ooooh homemade salsa...now you're all talking.

We do pots on the porch with Tomatoes, Basil and we're going to expand to peppers also this year! They work out well!

Bring on the "springtime"!

Amy said...

My fav is how little Luke's nose looks just like my little Gabe's.

What a fun activity!