Wednesday, October 10, 2007

As if they own the place...

Growing up on a farm & seeing deer prance around seemed to be an everyday thing. Furthermore, I really thought that the country was the only place this animal felt comfortable showing itself.
Boy was I wrong.
I see more deer in our backyard here in town then I EVER did as a kid back home. It's as if they walk around assuming that our yard is their yard.
The other night while my hubby was getting the kids ready for bed they saw 3 deer laying in our front yard. The next morning they were still there and looked to not have moved an inch. And yesterday we were all playing in the basement after Mr. Marvelous got home from work and this is what we saw from our back window. The kids had a blast staring them down. The deer didn't seem a bit scared. It's as if they think they own the place!

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gina said...

OMG- that is freakin' wild! Are you afraid of them or do they go the other way if you are out?