Saturday, October 27, 2007

The right side of the crib...

Julia stayed at Grandma Net's house last night so today it was Lukie and the girls. While Mitch and I were feeding the girls at 7am in the basement on the couch...I was thinking in my mind, "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let Luke wake up on the right side of the crib." Some mornings he acts like a bear that hasn't eaten in weeks. And then he sometimes doesn't calm down until about 20 min's AFTER breakfast when he realizes his stomach has food in it. Well, God heard my prayer and Luke woke up calling, "mama!" Yea! I ran upstairs eager to give him kisses all over. The rest of the day was great. Here's what Luke did to make me smile.

Let me snuggle with him while he was wrapped up in his towel after his shower.
Watching him suck his thumb so peacefully in his carseat as we drove to Target.
Seeing how excited he got to see the big red balls outside of our new Target.
Seeing how excited he got when I set him on top of the big red ball.
Hearing him talk about "Juju's" when we walked past the little girl clothes section.
Listening to him giggle when we walk into his room for naptime. He loves his nap.
Watching him help daddy from the bed of the truck while they work on the ski rack.
Seeing how excited he got when he thought Julia was home but it was the neighbor's grandchildren playing outside.
He gave me tons of "kissies" today. And he gave in numerous times when I would ask for, "one more, one more, one more."

As much energy as this little boy takes out of me. I love him with everything in me!

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