Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not feeling so hot...but trying to.

I wish I had the non-stop energy that kids have even when they aren't feeling so hot. Luke is battling a cold. He woke up with a fever on Saturday after his nap and since then his nose has been a drippy faucet, he had a potent diaper yesterday causing a diaper rash that he wants no one to touch, he has the coughs sometimes so bad that he gags, and now a little rash on his cheek. Today I looked at him while we were reading books and his eyes seemed droopy and tired. Dispite all these symptoms he still wants to run, jump, kiss everyone, giggle, and make us laugh. I love that about him. And as much as I hate seeing him fight this cold, I love that he is extra cuddly.

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Stephanie Balvin said...

Tis the season, we have 3 fighting colds right now too. Jacob coughs so hard that he throws up. It's never fun when he has a cold, because it happens everytime- night or day!