Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For Website Wednesday I'm braggin' about the company a college friend of mine started called Resa Design. Her name is Resa and we lived across the hall from eachother in Tulsa at ORU. My freshman year there were about 30 girls on our floor and they were all really nice girls. My three closest friends were Resa, her roommate Moe, and Joy who was down about five doors. After I got over the homesickness of being 12 hours away, I had a blast at ORU. The friends that God placed in my path were so great.

Some great memories of freshman year are:
Running through the mud one day during finals week.
Going to aerobics Saturday morning with the girls.
Trying to unwrap Starbursts in our mouth during chapel.
Pulling my mattress across the hall to Reese's and Moe's room for a movie sleepover.
Walking to Taco Bell with Moe during Thanksgiving break for our Thanksgiving Dinner.
(We pretended we were undercover and on a top secret mission.)

Anyways, with Resa's "better-than-Martha-Stewart-skills" she started this great website.


resa said...

awe, thanks. good memories. i never knew about the trip to TB! that's funny. i do remember you needing bean burritos often, and the mud break during finals with jared anderson, kristin lamb, and moe. and how dirty we got the shower room after that! and your big basketball poster in your room... i'm sure there's more, but my brain is shutting down since it's way past bed time.
thanks for the kind words. now if only i could meet martha s.... someday! maybe i'll be a guest. wouldn't that be great!
miss you. i'd love to get some iced chai with you! someday to that too :) (that would be better than martha)
love ya,

Resa said...

BTW- Mention the Swanson blog for a quick shipping refund on all orders through the end of 2007!!