Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harvest Party

They're on their way!
The only thing scary here is the Red Eye Reduction flash.

Tonight our church had a Harvest Party which included 2 blow up jump cages, games, face painting, a dark tunnel maze, chili and hotdogs with chips and dessert, and a cake walk(..shoot, we forgot the cake that we won at church). The kids had a blast and so did Mitch and I. Grandma Net came to watch the kids enjoy the night. J was a ladybug and Luke was a dinosaur. Norah and Hazel were just festivally dressed in white and orange striped outfits. After we came home I put the twins to bed and Mitch took J and L to a couple of houses on our street. He said that they did great saying, "Trick or Treat" on cue as each door opened. One house had a dog barking inside and Luke heard it so he took off inside to find it. I guess he was the entertainment at that house. Hope you all had a great day.

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