Monday, October 22, 2007

"Let's Talk about Jesus"

This year my hub has taken the opportunity to teach Sunday School to the 3rd and 4th graders at our church. He shares this responsibility with 2 other people and they trade off throughout the school year. Last Sunday he taught for the second time...he "teamtaught," that is, because Julia accompanies him in the classroom. She thinks this is soooo cool, probably because she sees so many children sitting nicely and listen to her daddy for almost an entire hour. I attribute the following conversation between Julia and I to this newfound love of Sunday School.

(Julia had just went potty, brushed her teeth and crawled into bed. She chose to have me snuggle in bed with her instead of rocking in her rocking chair.)

J-"Mommy (as she's holding my face in her hands), let's talk about Jesus."
Me- "Ok, what do you want to know about Jesus?"
J- "I don't know."
Me- "Ok, well, Jesus was a baby once. And, he was born in a manger. Do you know what a manger is?"

M-"It's like Grandpa Thorson's barn where all the cows and cats are."
J-"He was born there?"
M-"Yes, because they didn't have any hospitals to have babies in back then. And the barn was the only place to have Him."
J-"What was Jesus' mommy's name?"
M-"Mary. Can you say Mary?"
J-"Mary. What was His daddy's name?"
M-"Joseph." (I knew those questions were coming since lately Julia has been sooo into knowing everyones mommy's and daddy's name...the deck guy's mom and dad, our landscaper, our neighbor, grandma Net, etc.)
J-"What is God's mommy's and daddy's name?
M-"God doesn't have a mommy and daddy."
J-"Why not?"
M-"Because God was the the first one here and the one who made mommys and daddys. (I know...but how else are you supposed to explain that one to a 3 year old?!)
M-"So, let's pray."


Marissa said...

This made me smile SOOOO much! Thanks for sharing :) After a loonnnnggg day, it is so humbling and refreshing to see the purity of faith that children possess. I just babysat for a pair of 4 yr old twins from China, and Ava (the bold one) looked at my cross tatoo on my wrist and said, "that's the cross that baby Jesus died on for us"...I can't tell you how many times I look at my wrist but never pause and think about the power of the cross symbol. Today just reminds me about how important it is to slow down and pause and just be THANKFUL! See ya in a month :)

Stephanie Balvin said...

I love kids curiosity, especially about God. They can come up with the cutest things sometimes. I know my kids are at the place where they make up their own stories and it's usually a combination of all the Bible stories they know.