Thursday, April 3, 2008

Supper Sleeper

Every evening it's the same show for the little girls...they eat their solids at 5:30 (last night being squash and cheese), then their last bottle at 6:15. They do all this in their highchairs while the rest of us prepare to get up to the table and join them.

And every evening, Norah, the one who's a tad on the laid back side and who's preferred amount of sleep is always cut short due to her get-up-and-go little sister, is famous for catching some zzz's during supper.


Amy said...

Ahh, I remember those nights. Where bedtime is just not close enough and 2nd nap is just not long enough.

Now it's, "What? A nap??" And Lord help me. Because I think He created naps for the sanity of mommas.

Stacey said...

Oh Tiff I love that pic. So sweet and innocent! I just love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is sweet! A girl's gotta sleep. So, does falling asleep at the table thwart her ability to fall asleep at bedtime then? I'm guessing not, by the looks of her laid-back-ness.

Amanda said...

I have YET to have a child who falls asleep in their high chair. Why is that? Well, I think I know why. I have yet to have a really laid-back child who loves to sleep! Don't I wish?!