Monday, September 8, 2008

can I get a translator?

The conversation we thought we heard here between these two went something like this:

Luke: Hey Doo doo!

Julia: What Lukey?

Luke: I dorry fo puyen yo hayah.

Julia: That's ok, Lukey.

Luke: (Smiling) Ooo you ogif me?

Julia: (Nodding and smiling) Yes!

Any stabs at the translation?


Alicia O. & the gang said...

I'm sorry for pullin' your hair!
ooo You forgive me?

Just a guess! Good morning!

Kelli said...

How sweet. He's saying "hey Ju Ju, I'm sorry for pulling your hair. You forgive me?"
I love moments like that.

Kelly said...

they are too cute for words. But yes, Luke asked for forgivness for pulling his sisters hair. Too cute.

Ehlan said...

Well everyone already stole my answers already! :) They are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

That is a great picture...of a pulling hair conversation.

Tina M.

gina said...

That was easy and so ADORABLE! Whata lovely picture!!!

Lisa H said...

I got it too--how CUTE are they? I do love toddler-speak! :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Very cute!

Angela said...

Yes- everyone stole my answers, too. But, I still have to leave a comment and just tell you how sweet and precious those little ones are!

Salsygirl said...

Hey Juju
I'm sorry I pulled your hair.
That's ok Lukey
You forgive me?
That is adorable.
We have some conversations like that around here too!!!

Stacey said...

Too cute Tiff!! They are getting so big! I just can't believe it! How is Julia doing at school?

Kristin said...

We speak that language at our house, too. :)

The Nester said...


Don't you wish you could record all of their cute conversations?

Thanks for delurking! Nice to meet you!

Carol said...

What an adorable pair.

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Apologizing and asking for forgiveness and receiving it is such a relief to the soul. I actually remember the first time I received forgiveness as a child.