Sunday, September 14, 2008

God, will you zip up my pink cowgirl boots?

This morning as we were all getting ready for church, I was standing in our laundry room that's off of our kitchen. That's where I tend to straighten my hair and dab some makeup while keeping an eye on the little girls eating breakfast in their highchairs.

Since our bedroom is on the other side of the house, the laundry room works nice. (Straighten, straighten, slice some bananas. Straighten, comb, straighten. Straighten, pick up Norah's sippy of milk that she flung across the floor. Straighten, straighten, dab some makeup.)

And, gosh, after reading that last paragraph, I feel sort of like a high maintenance mom of 4. But I promise you I'm not. See...let me share with you a little secret of mine. I only wash my hair about twice a week. Gasp! On the off days, I don'**

But back to this morning. As I was in mid straighten, in walks Julia.

"Mommy, can you help me zip my [hot pink cowgirl] boots?"

"Sure, hon. Are they stuck?"

(kneeling down to start on the first zipper)

"Yea, and I asked Jesus, "Will you please help me zip my boots up?""

(me trying not to chuckle, still kneeled down to her level)

"And I looked down and they still weren't zipped."

(me trying extremely hard not to chuckle)

"Why didn't He zip them, Mama?"

"Well, hon, maybe He wanted you to keep trying. Maybe He thought you'd get it if you tried really hard."

"Really? I thought I heard Him say, "Go find your Mama.""

**Even though I didn't get a photo of my new cut and color today, I'll shoot one of it tomorrow to post. Do remember, it'll be day old hair.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, that had me in stitches. Perhaps He really DID tell her to go find her mama. I guess she is the only one who really knows:)

I will TRY to be patient and wait until tomorrow to see a hair pic. I am following you on Twitter now and it was SO fun keeping up with you this weekend!!!

Angela said...

That had me laughing out loud. Yes, I think Julia has the right word from the good Lord... but why is it He always tell them to go find their Mama's?? Perhaps one of these days he could throw out an instruction to go as Dad ;)

l e a h said...

Multi-tasking queen mama:
Don't forget to post pictures of your hair tomorrow.


Lori said...

can't wait to see hair pics! so exciting, getting a new do!

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Your day old hair looks mighty fine to me!!! I LIKE IT!